yeah right!

September 28, 2007

It’s 10:16 and I’m running out of words. I can’t get enough of wanting to jump to bed and snore like tweeters. My eyes couldn’t just get so amazed with all these inked papers I have stared for almost a decade, now. No, I just feel like it’s been 48 years that I have worked with all these little things. I wonder how writers would dash out screaming “Eureka, Eureka” when they discover new words. Nah, I’m poor at vocabulary. I find writing tiresome but interesting. And oh well, I’m loving it. Though I know I’m not really good at it, I’m trying to squeeze my brain ’til the last drop of blood comes dripping in drought. 

I can hear the blades of the ceiling fan turning like helicopters flying overturned. The air-conditioner feels like whispering sounds of the dead and it’s giving me a wintry feeling of Christmas. All these keyboards are giving me tantrums when I hear them ticktocking like the second hand of the clock. My butt and back are already competing as to which of them will cause me to die in pain. I’m feeling a bit weary and as far as the record is concerned, I’ve yawn like a thousand times now in just a split of a second and I think my eyes roll a million times in a jiffy. I feel like I wanted to doze off and kill myself in my nightmares. But, my brain would kill me for it can no longer think of any and it’s leaving me with migraines as if it had been arid for years. Now, I know that my neurons had bursted.

And my life ends here…


an affair once told…

September 27, 2007

There was a moment that I have lain in my bed and I could still feel your presence. I could still remember that night when you laid down beside me in this bed of roses. I could still remember the smell of your breath. I could still notice how you caressed my soul. Those dark brown eyes – oh how beautiful they were when they looked into me without a doubt. Your nose – it was towering between two hills of sweet cherries blended with ivory. How the touch of your hair lingered on me ’til I drown myself in oblivion. The melody of your voice was as soft as the wind that beats with pleasure. The curves of your body were like waves feeling the shoreline. How I desired to touch those rough and smooth sinews. How your hands fondled my being like satin or silk. I could still see the silhouettes formed from the dim light. They were overjoyed. The warmth of your smile painted a wonderful masterpiece of passion. Oh, how adorable you were.

And when I woke up, I could still see the angelic face I have kissed and loved – yes, loved. With your eyes still closed, I still saw the pureness of your heart. My hands swore to touch only you as if you were the only one. My lips were meant to kiss only the sweet lips of yours. I have lain back down and wished to be inseparable from you. I wanted to hear the beating of your childlike heart. I didn’t want to move even an inch away from the one I sheltered the most. I didn’t want to, but you did. Now, only these sheets bore witness of our vast love. I could still remember the night.

But, who are you? You’re gone, and I’m solitary.

just a thought..

September 26, 2007

A young man was at the beach, sitting on top of a rock that almost wounded his behind. Not minding the pain, he stared at the waves rushing back and forth. He gaped at the lovely sunset, of red orange and some dark hues, his eyes wanting to capture. Some trees by his side stood as if reaching for the cotton-like clouds hovering in the cerulean sky. He intensely felt the breeze as it bore down into his skin and how its coolness sank into his follicles. He wished life would be that easy. No worries. No hurts. No aches. He’d be as light as the feather flown away up, up in the air. No burdens. No problems.

Suddenly, something reminded him of how he was hurt so badly. Like a child, he wanted someone to play with. He reminisced those sepia-colored memories. Memories he once cherished and now left in nothingness. He threw a stone and watched it descended into the deep water, like pain drowned in space. It bruised him even more when he heard the birds singing with joy, leaving him in melancholy. He felt like no one ever sympathizes with him. He felt like he’s been living in lonesomeness all his life.

His throbbing heart went immensely painful. A cold tear fell from his right cheek. He never wiped it hoping the sand could understand his sorrow. He felt so alone and love for him was so cunning. He felt an engulfing darkness. Silence covered his being.

Then, he woke up.