an affair once told…

September 27, 2007

There was a moment that I have lain in my bed and I could still feel your presence. I could still remember that night when you laid down beside me in this bed of roses. I could still remember the smell of your breath. I could still notice how you caressed my soul. Those dark brown eyes – oh how beautiful they were when they looked into me without a doubt. Your nose – it was towering between two hills of sweet cherries blended with ivory. How the touch of your hair lingered on me ’til I drown myself in oblivion. The melody of your voice was as soft as the wind that beats with pleasure. The curves of your body were like waves feeling the shoreline. How I desired to touch those rough and smooth sinews. How your hands fondled my being like satin or silk. I could still see the silhouettes formed from the dim light. They were overjoyed. The warmth of your smile painted a wonderful masterpiece of passion. Oh, how adorable you were.

And when I woke up, I could still see the angelic face I have kissed and loved – yes, loved. With your eyes still closed, I still saw the pureness of your heart. My hands swore to touch only you as if you were the only one. My lips were meant to kiss only the sweet lips of yours. I have lain back down and wished to be inseparable from you. I wanted to hear the beating of your childlike heart. I didn’t want to move even an inch away from the one I sheltered the most. I didn’t want to, but you did. Now, only these sheets bore witness of our vast love. I could still remember the night.

But, who are you? You’re gone, and I’m solitary.