an update…

October 8, 2007

I actually did not think of writing. I am so busy doing stuff and all these ‘thingies’ and I don’t have something interesting to say. I kept myself busy, but I’m still bored to death. It’s haunting me even to the tips of my fingers. And, I wanted to sleep! My eyes are so weary staring all these letters on the screen, mixed and running like matrix. I feel like my eyes are rolling and stars are turning around my head. I think I badly need rest. Or perhaps, just take a nap and dream a little. Unfortunately, I am in the office and I could not afford to be drooling on my keyboard. I could not imagine my workmates knocking my head off because I snore like three times the rhino. Honestly, I am stressed.  I couldn’t get enough sleep at home, either. This YM kept on  tempting me to say hello to those internet nerd friends of mine. Then, we talked about almost anything under the sun and I ended up having black rings around my poor little eyes. After that, the cellphone kept on beeping and receiving text messages from all those people I do not know. Am I being stalked or what? Am I that famous that these people ever care to text me a hundred times and they only get one reply and sometimes naught? Hell, I’m thinking of changing my number. Again? I have changed like 30 times, already. I even have the collection of these numbers. Name all the networks, I have them. I’d already sworn to myself to stop changing numbers. And these bunch of weirdos keep on torturing my grey matter and it’s freaking me out. Sometimes, I feel like I wanna invent a phone that filters messages and cuts off the pinkies of those people who kept on bothering me.

So as to forget those dumbheads, I updated my blog.