just a thought..

September 26, 2007

A young man was at the beach, sitting on top of a rock that almost wounded his behind. Not minding the pain, he stared at the waves rushing back and forth. He gaped at the lovely sunset, of red orange and some dark hues, his eyes wanting to capture. Some trees by his side stood as if reaching for the cotton-like clouds hovering in the cerulean sky. He intensely felt the breeze as it bore down into his skin and how its coolness sank into his follicles. He wished life would be that easy. No worries. No hurts. No aches. He’d be as light as the feather flown away up, up in the air. No burdens. No problems.

Suddenly, something reminded him of how he was hurt so badly. Like a child, he wanted someone to play with. He reminisced those sepia-colored memories. Memories he once cherished and now left in nothingness. He threw a stone and watched it descended into the deep water, like pain drowned in space. It bruised him even more when he heard the birds singing with joy, leaving him in melancholy. He felt like no one ever sympathizes with him. He felt like he’s been living in lonesomeness all his life.

His throbbing heart went immensely painful. A cold tear fell from his right cheek. He never wiped it hoping the sand could understand his sorrow. He felt so alone and love for him was so cunning. He felt an engulfing darkness. Silence covered his being.

Then, he woke up.