In The Doldrums

June 30, 2008

I so wanna cry today, and I don’t know why. I wanna bawl like a newborn baby. Or blubber like a toddler. It’s just that these tear ducts are full and are ready to shed pail-full tears. But it would be nonsensical if I snivel inside the office, right? I swear I don’t want to wear a straight jacket and be taken by people in white coat.

And oh, these songs from Keith Urban just shred my heart to pieces. But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain. La La La.You see, I have never loved country songs until that day I checked my playlist.

Hayzz, today’s just another boring day in the office. How I hate Mondays.

Listening to “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban


Vanity Equals Torture.

June 27, 2008

After long hours under the spotlight, i realized I needed a better shampoo. Skin palang, damit na. Pretty all over. These are just some lines you hear from commercials. Vanity. Yes, vanity sucks. People who buy these beauty products are just motivated by sheer vanity.

Okay, kill the drama. I think I should shut up. And since I have nothing in mind, I’m gonna share to you an experience with the beauty experts – the dermatologists. Yes, I had trips with a derma before. Maybe, once or twice at that. Haha! Then, I realized I should cut the appointments. Aside from wasting money and time, the pain just kills me.

It runs in my father’s family to have pimples, zits, acnes – you name it. So, it is expected for us to have some. Oh, that was an understatement. I was not really conscious about it at first, but later in life I realized that I needed a better face? Nah! To cut the story short, I wanted to have my pimples treated.

Wew! Acne treatment, that is. I had to go to a dermatologist to get rid of them. I thought t’was just as painless as an injection or whatnot. But I was dead wrong. Very, very wrong!

First, they would let you wash your hands and face. Splash. Splash. Splash. Then, they will let you lie down on the bed. After that, they would let you inhale something herbally-minty cream. I don’t know what that was. But they would say that it would help you relax.

After the relaxation session, they would apply glycerol to kill the germs on your face. It would give you an itchy feeling. Then, some antibiotic would be applied on you face. Oh by the way, they would cover your eyes so you wouldn’t know what’s happening in the outside world. Next to that was steam. Yes, they would make your face hot with steam to open up your pores so it would be easy for them to take away the blackheads, whiteheads, or whatever. After that, they would use a vacuum. No, it was not the vacuum used in cleaning your carpets or dusty corners of your room. It had a small nozzle that will suck your skin. It was ticklish and weird at the same time.

After that was the most awaited portion of the session. Pricking. Nothing hurts more that pricking you acne or even just your skin. Using light and magnifying lens, they would be able to locate the blackheads, and take them out using a device I didn’t know of. It felt like you’re being tortured and all you could do is grip on the sides of the bed. How helpless. Lying there, all you could do is cry silently while the derma freak bores a hole in your face. Sheeshh, that just sucks and it hurts really much. And you know what, the session would last for minutes. Oh how you wish it would end before it takes your breath away.

After the painful session, they would apply some cream to lessen the pain. Then, they will cover your face with a gauze, in preparation for the next procedure. They would then use laser to tighten the pores that were opened a while ago. Then, they would apply mask cream and another cream for the finale.

The whole session would last for one to two hours. Ha! And did I mention about massage session? Yes, they would give you a massage while doing the session.

After that, I didn’t want to go back. It just kills me. It was plain persecution. Unless you’re a masochist, of course.

Love 101, it is.

June 20, 2008

Love lessons:

1. ‘Sorry’ was never synonymous to ‘I won’t do it again.’ Indeed. No matter how many times we say ‘sorry,’ we can’t avoid the instances of doing the same mistake all over again – whether intentionally or unintentionally. So, never expect your partners to poke their eyeballs whenever a chic girl or a hunk guy passes by.

2. When s/he falls out, it doesn’t mean you’re giving less. It’s because s/he is asking too much. Think positively. I mean, why would you blame yourself for the breakup? Who wants to end up having puffy eyes, after all the crying and all? Do you really think a relationship would work out if you’re not reaching a compromise? Nah. Come on. Be optimistic. When it’s broken, it’s broken. Don’t try fixing it. You would only end up hurting yourself. Such a cliche.  

3. Crying before breaking up is good. You are trying to save the relationship. But crying after the breakup is different. It’s stupidity. Here we go again. Don’t cry over spilled milk. S/he ditched you, move on. Get a life. After all, you did everything you could to save the relationship – or did you?

4. There are no wasted tears.There are only inconsiderate partners. Okay, I’m talking about saving the relationship here. Some partners don’t really care. Period. No matter how many barrels of tears you cry, they just won’t care. But let me remind you, crying isn’t really the best solution. A good serious talk would still win. Unless, you’re guilty of course. You should end up being a drama queen or king and all sort. Hehe.

5. Bitterness is often the painful consequence of holding on. You see, if your partners don’t like having you around, then let go. I mean, seriously? Do you really wanna see your ex french kissing his/her new girlfriend/boyfriend? You sure don’t wanna be a wagging tail, following your partner because you still want him/her back. Am I clear with my point here?

6. Third parties are not the main issues. It’s always the two of you. Go figure it out. I don’t wanna explain.

7. Forgiveness is different from second chances. Yes, I still believe that you can still end up being friends. You sure can forgive your partner, but second chance? Think about it. So, you believe in “love is sweeter the second time around?” It all boils down to being able to do the same mistake all over again. If s/he did that to you, then there’s not a reason why s/he won’t do it again. Unless, of course you’d already killed him/her. hehe.

Okay, yes. You’re right. I’m back. I was actually thinking of writing something else but I ended up with these. There have been a lot of things people discuss about love lessons. But I still believe that love is a matter of thinking, and not mainly of the heart. I’m not quite sure if it’s Grey’s Anatomy or Dr. House, but they point out that a man, whose heart is being replaced, can still love the same person before and after the operation. So, see? It’s just a matter of mind.  Just use your head. I mean, really. Seriously.

The Weakest Link

June 4, 2008

I am too lazy to think. And, I am too busy to write.