Caffeinated Hallucinations

February 15, 2008

I love the company I’m working with. In my entire employment history, I learned a lot of things here.

– i learned basic English and not-so-basic English
– i learned to make a blog [kaya eto, malapit nang maging adik sa wordpress]
– i learned to wake up early in the morning [bawal kasi maLate]
– i learned to ride a jeepney [pwede walang taxi..wala kasing budget]
– i learned to drink coffee [not only a cup, but jars]
– i learned to eat a plateful of rice [nakakagutom kasi..kahit nga sa station, kumakain ako]
– i learned to sleep na nakadilat ang mata
– i learned to sleep kahit nakaupo
– i learned to sleep na hawak ang mouse at keyboard
– i learned to massage myself [kasi hanggang ngayon, monobloc parin ang chair..hehehe! peace!]
– i learned to be patient [sa kahihintay sa bagong]
– i learned to drink fit ‘n right [kahit inde naman talaga ako mataba]
– i learned to drink softdrinks [every lunch yan.. kamusta naman ang mga buto ko?]
– i learned to value time [kasi log-in ko, 8:59am and log-out 6:00pm.. mahirap na kasi malate sa pag-log out]
– i learned to work overtime paminsan-minsan [kasi libre ang pagkain.. pati nga pala lunch namin, libre]
– i learned to be thrifty [kasi kukulangin ang sweldo sa isang buwan na bisyo]
– i learned to be loyal [yoko na yata iwan tong kompanyang to.. napamahal na to sakin]

Kaya kayo, you should enjoy what you are doing. I swear, you will forget every little fatigue if you’re happy with your job. Ako, I’ve learned my lesson, ang hirap pala talaga mag-AWOL. Bad record kana, mahihirapan ka pang humanap ng trabaho. hehe.

Kaya like Mcdo, Love ko ‘to. Hindi, bored lang talaga ako. 😐



I’m at work.

January 9, 2008

The monoblock chair keeps on pressing my back that my spinal column sores like hell. My mind is relatively empty. I have the tendency of becoming a blank slate now. My eyes feel weary and sleepy that I want to knock my head off the monitor, or place toothpicks between my eyelids. My feet have this tingly feeling.

Why can’t I get my system work and cooperate?

 I have been staring at the same page for 48 years now, yet nothing’s progressed. My mind still wanders to neverwhere. It’s lost and I’m running out of ideas. Dear God, wherever my brain is right now, please lead it back to my skull. Else, I’ll be demanding for Einstein’s.

Then, a sip of coffee, and I’m back.

coffee break…

October 10, 2007

I hate coffee! I will hate coffee! I started guzzling coffee when I was in first year high school and now, I cant get rid of it. And do you have any idea why I hate it? It is because it doesn’t keep me awake! Even if I pour one or two spoonful of its coarse granules, my eyelids still felt like one or two kilograms heavier than a sack of rice. I felt like coffee is adding weight to my eyeballs and makes me feel like a zombie. I want my coffee black, but I always feel like I’m in my bed floating with all the feathers tickling me. It feels like dreaming about the wonderland, death, sex and all other sweet dreams (keeping it dry, though 😀 ).

I don’t care if people from Ethiopia would hate me from loathing their one and only bean. Well, I’ll tell them that they’re not sleepy when they discovered coffee. And that, they’re not used to its bitter taste. And that, they were just surprised when they first touched their tongue to that bean. And that, it’s not really working as stimulant. And that, it doesn’t open my eyes like that of The Grudge’s. Well, for once, it did. I’m sorry.

I once love coffee, but now nah-ah! Promise, from now on, I will never drink coffee. Just once! Or, I’ll have coke. It’s sparkling effect on my stummy will keep me awake, I think. Oh gawd, I need caffeine very badly. Else, you’d hear a spindly human being snore like a piggy bank. Do piggy banks snore? Waaahh! See what coffee did to me? It is giving me hallucinations and all the four-times-heart-pumping imaginations. Even from a single beep from my phone, I freak out. Really! It feels like the Ethiopian ghosts who discovered coffee wants to have me tormented or something. Now, that will surely keep my eyes open. Maybe, that’s how coffee really works – keeping you awake by making you nervous to tips of your heart every nanosecond. Well, I’d say that works for me.

I’ll drink coffee and in a day or two, I’ll be in a mental ward.