I am not a good writer. I don’t even have a silver tongue. I’ve grown up to be a lover of nature – from the tips of the rotten root to the fluttering leaves when they fall. I can talk to the wind. I can play with the waves and dance with the trees. I can tavel with the rivers and fly like the clouds.

Surely, I learnt to live a lonesome life. When I was a child, I used to sit by a corner, staring at cobwebs and an old oak tree. I wander through thoughts and fly with my dreams. I love the birds, the ocean, the mountains, the rivers and all. I love the sound of nature – its beckoning melody and harmony that leaves a poor heart in me at peace.

Now, I’m 21 and the whole of my being has changed. I learnt to live the unfeigned world; not with the fauns nor with the fairies;  not within a castle nor within a mushroom hut. I learnt to see what is to become. I learnt to love and get hurt. I learnt to understand how living is so short, yet dying is eternal.

I learnt them all, yet I want to explore what’s BEYOND.


12 Responses to “Unwrap me.”

  1. Geisha said

    ang lalim….

    nakakainlove 🙂

    keep posting bro! our country needs people like…

    mabuhay! 🙂

    nickname™: ahehe.. salamat sa papuri.. wahah! salamat sa pagdaan.. heheh..

  2. madre gras said

    nako pahumble. boy genius, san ka nagcollege?

    nickname™: sa University of San Carlos po.. hehehe… inde naman ako genius.. san mo ba nalaman yan?? heheh..

  3. Maria said

    ive tried unwrapping you but you’re invisible 😀

    nickname™: nyaks! hehehehe.. eto ako oh! im here! wahehe.. 😆

  4. Margaret said

    No. You’re good in writing. I wish I could write well, too.
    You can find me here.

    nickname™: i’ll visit your site soon.. hehehe.. 😆 medyo busy pa nga lang ako sa work.. hehe..

  5. Maria said

    nickname™: nyaks! hehehehe.. eto ako oh! im here! wahehe..

    >>> haha! huwerrr?? haven’t seen u in a while. update please. u take care. 🙂

  6. har har said

    hey, how r u?
    did you take the LET? my sister took the exam last sunday and she told me that it is really hard…

    ♂: well, it was hard. hehe. math kasi major ko. hirap. tapos, i did not review pa. so, ayun. nahirapan. sana lang pumasa ako. ui, gudluck na rin sa sister mo. sana pumasa din siya. hehehe.

  7. revsiopao said

    It might be a tedious task to UNWRAP…
    … the profoundness that envelopes your being…
    … the seeming mystery that runs through your veins…
    … the meaning of every expressed word that emanates from your soul…

    Saan po ang sakayan papuntang Cubao?
    Naligaw po ako galing sa aking siopawan. He he.

    Blog hop po from flamindevil’s sanctuary.

    You are welcome to visit my siopawan too.
    Cheers. God bless!

    P.S. I like your header. Neat.

    ♂: hahaha! hello rev. bumibisita din ako sa siopawan mo. di nga lang ako nagcocomment. hehehe. maraming salamat na rin sa pagbisita sa aking pipitsuging bahay. 😀

  8. revsiopao said

    asus! pipitsugin daw…

    kung pipitsugin ‘to… e ano na lang ang tawag mo sa siopawan ko? lol.

    salamat sa pag-iwan ng iyong 1st ♂ mark sa aking cyber-tindahan.

    ciao. god bless!

    ♂: walang anuman rev. don’t worry, makikitambay din ako sa siopawan mo. ang saya kaya dun. hehe. 😀

  9. revsiopao said

    last na pahabol:

    ilalagay na kita sa stock holders ng siopawan ko {kahit ayaw mo!}… he he.

    {parinig} kailan ko kaya makikita ang REVSIOPAO sa listahan ng mga ADIK sa baba? {ehem!}

    ♂: ahahaha. updated na blogroll ko. isa ka na sa mga certified adik sa blogosphere! ehehehe. 😆

  10. dun fool us nygelle.

    you’re not a good writer?c’mon.you’re really GOOD!

    wow. :p

    just dropping by to say hi.. :p

    ♂: hello din. salamat sa pagdrop by. kung good ako, ikaw best. haha!

  11. mangbadoy said

    ang lalim naman diko naintindihan english e! hehehe! nov 23 birthday mo ano?

    mukang magaling kang magsulat,,, gogogo!

    ♂: ahaha! sa tingin mo, nov. 23? hahaha! hindi kaya. lols. explain ko sa inyo mamaya. salamat sa pagdaan MB. 😀

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