affection for no reason…

October 1, 2007

It was already past one o’clock in the morning when I went home. I met my “were” classmates in college. It was fun reminiscing the memories we had together. The DOTA we used to play. It’s still juicy and finger-licking good! It isn’t a fried chicken nor food, it’s a game we used to play. That, we sometimes don’t have to eat lunch and consumed all of our time playing. It was addicting at that. I still enjoy how our right hand move the mouse over and roll and glide and run. With the left hand, pressing buttons for skills – test of faith, avatar, chain frost, frost nova, etc. And oh, how will I ever forget the heroes we chose? Heroes we think would lead us to our conquest. Heroes that would make our heart pump three times than normal. Heroes that would keep the battle in good tempo and keep the blood rushing. How could I ever forget those heroes – Na’ix the Lifestealer, Terrorblade the Soulkeeper, Leshrac the Tormented Soul, Krobelus the Death Prophet, Tiny the Stone Giant, and those other mighty heroes dominating the Scourge and the Sentinel? Childish it may seem, but we find it hard to find a strategy. One may think people like us still have to eat a sack of rice and grow up. Yes, it’s a bit of innocence at heart, yet strategic as I view it. How you find a strategy and beleaguered the opponents. How you buy items – like “Sange and Yasha“, “Radiance“, “Battle Fury“, “Aghanims Scepter“, etc. – to keep your hero fit in the game. It’s a battle that deals with mind and wit. I see it as not just a game but a battle in its realm. It somehow reflects how you live your life and how you look for a loophole out of a labyrinth.

And oh well, how can I ever forget the talks after the game? How everyone discussed the strategies and the tactics and all. How one was being corrected for committing a mistake and made the group fell. How one was being told of not buying the same item again. And how one was being scolded for being so greedy at times. Oh, how I love the game.

I know I love the game because I love the people I’m with. I love the game because I and my friends enjoy it. I love the game because it might be the only way that I could see my friends again and share the things we’ve done in the absence of others. I love the game because it keeps my mind working and my hands navigating. I love the game because my friends love it. I love the game because there’s no reason for me not to.

Nothing follows. 😀