April 3, 2008

I submit to
your immutable gesticulation;
luring, and coaxing nemesis, that is.

I had my one foot in the grave
And Life has been abysmal.
With you, I’ll go.

That detrimental kiss
shriveled, and searing
’til my last blood kissed earth.

This permanence;
’tis the catastrophe
of relishing insomniac aurora.

Nick me;
to your unfathomable realm;
’til this gasp of pain leave no trace.

Oh death;
how enticing is your eminence
and to spurn your plea is despondency.

So purloin my soul
in a trice –
brisker than twinkling of an eye.


Not even Death…

February 14, 2008

He held her hand tightly like there’s no letting go. They stared at each other’s eye. Muted, they never said a word; not a syllable. Not a blink. The night grew cold and so was her hand. That was the same night when they filled it with warmth – of kiss, of hugs, and of love.

I would never leave you no matter what. His voice trembled like thunders in the pouring rain. Together, we’ll have a family. We’ll see our kids running around that oak tree. We’ll watch them as they gaze upon the beautiful starry sky. His tears ran down his cheeks, and died in his lips.

She never said a word. Her eyes were as beautiful as the stars. They were gleaming and dazzling.

She had always dreamed of having a family of her own. A man who will see her in her depths. A man who will love her in pieces. A man who will make her whole. And, she knew she found that man. That man. He stood right next to her.

Promise me, you’ll never let go. The night was filled with love. I know, my hands, they’re meant to hold only yours. My lips, they’re, meant to kiss only your lips. And my heart, it swears to love no one but you. You will always have my heart.

I won’t. I will always be with you, wherever you are. I will always hold your hand like I always do. I love you even before you knew it. That will never change. Not even death could change it. So shed not a tear. We still have a lifetime after this, where it will be eternal. Her eyes smiled.

She’s gone. She’s gone, holding the hand of the man who stood up with her. She’s gone, but her love never will.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.



He sat there
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with cobwebs, and ants crawling somewhere
with distress, and words he could barely hear

He was gloomy
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with a pang of guilt, and an inscrutable straight face
with misery, and with a reminiscence of the tragedy

He was betrayed
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with silhouettes, of love and acts of copulation
with her, whom he adores and loves and glorifies

He took away her life
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with a blunt knife, corroded and rustic
with her blood, and gore of acrid smell

He lost her
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with tears, flooded from his heart as blood
with grief, and outpouring remorse

He wanted her back
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with high regards, of loving her once more
with deep love, no man can fathom

Now, he’s alone
in the corner of a deserted chamber
with walls, of bricks and planks of wood
with cloistered way of life, and of death