July 20, 2008

I am just another false impression.
Nothing extraordinary.
Nothing remarkable.
Someone you would never love.
Someone you would never trust.
Someone you would never want to be with.
And so
This torment is filled with candor.
So, lie to me.
Say you love me once again.
Say you need me one more time.
Lie to me.
Such a beautiful lie.
Grief that is tainted with insanity.
Gripping death.
An unloved man.
That’s all that’s left of me, I guess.



July 20, 2008

Doubts resurface.
Lies continue to unfold.
Haunting. So compelling.
At each strike, one in bended knees.

Denial. Clear-cut.
Irresistibly beautiful.
Fooling around. One-night stands.
Beneath sheets, not a regret.

Then, I fell.
Lost my sanity.
Overwhelmed by cardiac palpitations.
I gave in, not a question was told.

No one knew.
Until the day I was wounded.
Not using my head, I bled.
Drowning in my own tears, dried up.

The trust. The love.
Everything was but a lie.
I fell on bended knees.
Wishing. I could have used my mind.

This game.
I am destined to lose.
This game.
I am destined to be bruised.

And this game.
I am destined to be six feet under.


April 3, 2008

I submit to
your immutable gesticulation;
luring, and coaxing nemesis, that is.

I had my one foot in the grave
And Life has been abysmal.
With you, I’ll go.

That detrimental kiss
shriveled, and searing
’til my last blood kissed earth.

This permanence;
’tis the catastrophe
of relishing insomniac aurora.

Nick me;
to your unfathomable realm;
’til this gasp of pain leave no trace.

Oh death;
how enticing is your eminence
and to spurn your plea is despondency.

So purloin my soul
in a trice –
brisker than twinkling of an eye.