Strangled with Agony

January 19, 2008


Pain doesn’t hurt when it’s all you’ve ever felt.

The time you walked away without saying goodbye felt like a thousand knives stabbing me. My heart bled. My cheeks were flooded with tears. The hand I used to hold has let go. The smile in your eyes fades like smoke in thin air. The warmth I used to feel changes like freezing cold. The room, which once filled with laughter, is now empty with solitude. The blue sky seems grey. The wind seems so cold like winter in summer.

You left without a notice. You left me with nothing but pain, and all sort. You left me wounded, and bleeding. You left me hanging upon a thread. You left me. Yes, you did. And, I can’t ever have you back. I can never feel those warm embraces again. I can never hear your sweet words one more time. All of them dwindled into space. The laughter. The smile. The warmth. The love.

It seems like pain is all I’ve ever felt. But, it doesn’t hurt no more. I’m used to it. My heart; it has been pin-cushioned with needles. Pain is now part of my system. There will always be pain every time I wear a fake smile. Pain is always there every time I speak of beautiful stories. And now that you’re gone, life will be like it was before. Melancholic. Nostalgic. Morose. Now that you’ve let go, my feet will be treading along the shorelines, alone. Solitary. Deserted. Abandoned.

Life has been beautiful and excruciating. I won’t shed a tear no more. I’ve had enough.