In The Doldrums

June 30, 2008

I so wanna cry today, and I don’t know why. I wanna bawl like a newborn baby. Or blubber like a toddler. It’s just that these tear ducts are full and are ready to shed pail-full tears. But it would be nonsensical if I snivel inside the office, right? I swear I don’t want to wear a straight jacket and be taken by people in white coat.

And oh, these songs from Keith Urban just shred my heart to pieces. But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain. La La La.You see, I have never loved country songs until that day I checked my playlist.

Hayzz, today’s just another boring day in the office. How I hate Mondays.

Listening to “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban


Oh, crap! I think it was September 12, 2007 when I drew this. On the first day of my work, I had nothing to do. So, I pulled up Paint. How imaginative could I be? And out of nothing, I made this. It was also this time when Darna (Angel Locsin) hit the top of the TV ratings. (Lumipat na pala sa ABS-CBN si Angel that time.) I draw like a grade one student, don’t I?

Well, this drawing somehow made me think I am a saddist. You see, the blood and all – so gross. Well, this is just another effect of boredom strike. Aside from listening to music, I draw – yes, I draw sticks. Isn’t that creative? I thought so.

Libran at its Finest.

March 12, 2008

 As I was soul searching, I stumbled upon Pravs World. This is a site that opens your mind and touches your heart with words that make a positive impact. It describes your personality through your horoscope. As usual, bolahan na naman ‘to.

And so, let’s see what Librans get.

Librans love the concept of being loved, therefore are constantly searching for the perfect mate [nasa’n kana ba? where are you now? hehe]. They also love romance and consequently are good at it [wow. good in bed. i agree. hehe. walang kokontra. this is my blog! ]. Filled with personal dignity and elegance, you may find Libra to dazzle and captivate you time and time again. [charming! woooH! 😳 ]

They have many interests like theater, antiques, decorating, art, and themselves [i have to agree. i love art , especially paintings. ]. A Libra’s best quality is the art of conversation. They are fantastic conversationalists. Although, when discussing any subject, you may find the conversation leading back toward their favorite topic of interest, as they put a little bit about themselves into each conversation, placing the spotlight exactly where they want it. [ngeekss.. pahingi flashlight, este spotlight pala! 😆 ]

When out on a date with a Libra be sure to pay them a compliment. If it’s sincere, they will most definitely be charmed by you. If you pick out a restaurant, make certain the atmosphere is classy and don’t skimp on any of your plans [classy jud? ahak! pwede pungko-pungko lang? ]. A Libra wants to be treated as first class and does not like to settle for less, as they feel that their pleasure is well worth it. They want a partner that has good taste and quality [dapat lang. may taste yata ako. toinkz.]

As they adore luxury [maluho ba ako? lemme think.] and love to be pampered, impression will get you everywhere, so go all out, and don’t hold back.

With an easy going nature, you will find a Libra pleasant to be around [korek!]. This zodiac sign of partnership needs a companion who will understand, appreciate, and perhaps even idolize them [ngeekss. inde ako Diyos. wag nyo ko sambahin!]. If you’re searching for a partner that is socially outgoing and affectionate, you’ve found them [andito na ako! i’m all you need. paghati-hatian nyo nalang! wahaha! 👿 ].

They love to go to parties and enjoy a glittering extravagant social life [kamusta naman ang nightlyp ko? hmmm]. Although the Libra may be indecisive about making a commitment, once committed to a relationship, you will find harmony and peace with them [kaya, commit na. i’m single and available! 😕 ].

 At nagpapaniwala naman ako sa mga pinagsasabi ng hinayupak na ‘to. Kunsabagay, some of them are true. We can’t really deny that some superstitions work for us. We believe in superstitions because we are smart enough to know that we don’t have all the answers. Like, I don’t know why I’m good in bed. Or, why I’m good looking. Wahaha! Ang hangin!

And so I was wondering if all Librans have the same trait or personality. Well, I think I’m just too bored to believe all these.

an update…

October 8, 2007

I actually did not think of writing. I am so busy doing stuff and all these ‘thingies’ and I don’t have something interesting to say. I kept myself busy, but I’m still bored to death. It’s haunting me even to the tips of my fingers. And, I wanted to sleep! My eyes are so weary staring all these letters on the screen, mixed and running like matrix. I feel like my eyes are rolling and stars are turning around my head. I think I badly need rest. Or perhaps, just take a nap and dream a little. Unfortunately, I am in the office and I could not afford to be drooling on my keyboard. I could not imagine my workmates knocking my head off because I snore like three times the rhino. Honestly, I am stressed.  I couldn’t get enough sleep at home, either. This YM kept on  tempting me to say hello to those internet nerd friends of mine. Then, we talked about almost anything under the sun and I ended up having black rings around my poor little eyes. After that, the cellphone kept on beeping and receiving text messages from all those people I do not know. Am I being stalked or what? Am I that famous that these people ever care to text me a hundred times and they only get one reply and sometimes naught? Hell, I’m thinking of changing my number. Again? I have changed like 30 times, already. I even have the collection of these numbers. Name all the networks, I have them. I’d already sworn to myself to stop changing numbers. And these bunch of weirdos keep on torturing my grey matter and it’s freaking me out. Sometimes, I feel like I wanna invent a phone that filters messages and cuts off the pinkies of those people who kept on bothering me.

So as to forget those dumbheads, I updated my blog.

yeah right!

September 28, 2007

It’s 10:16 and I’m running out of words. I can’t get enough of wanting to jump to bed and snore like tweeters. My eyes couldn’t just get so amazed with all these inked papers I have stared for almost a decade, now. No, I just feel like it’s been 48 years that I have worked with all these little things. I wonder how writers would dash out screaming “Eureka, Eureka” when they discover new words. Nah, I’m poor at vocabulary. I find writing tiresome but interesting. And oh well, I’m loving it. Though I know I’m not really good at it, I’m trying to squeeze my brain ’til the last drop of blood comes dripping in drought. 

I can hear the blades of the ceiling fan turning like helicopters flying overturned. The air-conditioner feels like whispering sounds of the dead and it’s giving me a wintry feeling of Christmas. All these keyboards are giving me tantrums when I hear them ticktocking like the second hand of the clock. My butt and back are already competing as to which of them will cause me to die in pain. I’m feeling a bit weary and as far as the record is concerned, I’ve yawn like a thousand times now in just a split of a second and I think my eyes roll a million times in a jiffy. I feel like I wanted to doze off and kill myself in my nightmares. But, my brain would kill me for it can no longer think of any and it’s leaving me with migraines as if it had been arid for years. Now, I know that my neurons had bursted.

And my life ends here…