Why Beyond1123?

February 3, 2009

I should’ve written this when I started this blog.  A number of people have already been asking what’s behind the link. What’s beyond1123? Why that link, when you could’ve chosen thegobbledygook, gibberish, or randomwits? Well, besides the fact that most of them are already taken, there’s a story behind that link. And by the way, the thegobbledygook is used for my poems, which I think would be of no use since I won’t be updating the site anymore.

A lot of people have asked me if my birthday’s November 23. Well, the answer is no. I know, you guessed it from the numbers in the link. To tell you honestly, I have always been fascinated with numbers. I love Math, and oh numbers. Math had always been my favorite subject in school. And that 1123 right there is no date, my dear.

Do you know about Fibonacci’s sequence? Let me remind you. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… Do you see any pattern? I’m not doing a lecture here, so might as well open another browser and google it. Or, you can choose to read/watch The Da Vinci Code. Ha-ha.

Well, my world during my school years has revolved around numbers . One of my majors during college was Math (Physics being the other, which also uses Math as language).

So, why beyond1123? Well, that simply means beyond numbers – beyond the obvious pattern. I wanted to deviate myself from the usual, from the predictable. I wanted to delve into the world of the unknown, the unexpected.

Why beyond1123? That’s because I’m no Math-geek anymore. I don’t eat Calculus or Trigonometry for breakfast now. I don’t even dream of matrices at all. I don’t compute flow rates of beer, or test the acidity of vodka. I don’t deal with flourescence or some photoacoustic conversion anymore.

This is the real me – the little boy who dreams of cotton candies and eats sunny-side up eggs for breakfast. Deal with it.


8 Responses to “Why Beyond1123?”

  1. wow.Math wizard.talino.

    nung elementary gusto ko rin ng math,pagdating ng high school at may geometry na, yoko na.

    aba,magaling ka na sa math,magaling ka pa sa English.wizard talaga.tsktsk. :p

    ♂: hindi ako wizard ah! tsaka, di naman ako magaling mag English. kaw nga tong nakaka-nosebleed mag English eh. hehehe. kaw ang wizard. 😛

  2. bipolarsisa said

    interesting piece. 🙂

    ♂: thanks.

  3. coolwaterworks said

    Your second-to-the-last paragraph was nosebleed inducing…

    And I also thought that 1123 was a date some-when… Well, I do know Fibonacci’s sequence, but 1123 is just too short a sequence to effectively conclude that it follows this special numeric flow… (wala lang, gijustify ra nako na mura jud lagi siya ug date… hehehe…)

    ♂: wahaha! lain sad au ug daghan nga numbers ui. lols. maila na. nuff for the readers to think. hehehehe. 😀

  4. jem said

    waw..new here..alam ko yang fibonacci sequence na yan..i hated Math much since HS, but that stuff really did fascinate me.. 🙂

    ♂: wow. newbie. magiging adik ka rin. hehe. welcome sa blogosphere. salamat na rin sa pagdaan. 😀

  5. hisnameisdencios said

    beyond everything u say we can tell u r brilliant enough than 1123.


    ♂: naks naman. salamat dencios

    . 😀

  6. revsiopao said

    {back read mode}

    i second the motion!
    the person behind this blog is definitely endowed with brilliance; i.e. beyond 1123 or any mathematical sequence for that matter.

    {as they say: it takes one to know one… o ha! may ganun talaga? he he}


    ♂: cheers! 😀

  7. san ka na nygelle?waahhhh

    ♂: miss mo na ako? lols. jowk lang parekoy! ahahaha! 😆

  8. Mary Grace said

    waw. asteeg. napanganga ako rito ah. magaling na sa math, hanep pa sa english! reminds me of mi bespren. galing! tagal ko na rin nagtataka kung bakit 1123. at tama naisip ko rin kung nov23 ba ang ibg sabhin nun.

    ♂: hehe. salamat sa pagdaan. 😀

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