On being away

February 16, 2009

I know that it has been a while since I have updated this site. Truth be told, WordPress has been blocked in the office for a not-so-valid reason (well actually, the reason why it was blocked is that WordPress is a “forum” site, which I completely disagree).

Well, I know for a fact that some of the employees (count me in) resort to blogging when boredom is getting in the hair. You can’t help it. We can’t be playing Pinball and Spider Solitaire all the time.

On second note, some of us don’t do our tasks anymore (again, that counts me in). But wouldn’t it be nice not to block WordPress, so we can bloghop and get new ideas from other bloggers? I mean, the field is writing. Wouldn’t the blogosphere be a great help?

I don’t want to whine, but yes, the current project’s not doing us any good. Two of my colleagues have resigned because of being burned out. Somehow, I also want to express here that I, too, don’t have any drive to do the job anymore. To think, those two are our front runners. They are the cream of the crop (read: they are paid the highest). Darn! But I digress.

The thought of it is just excruciatingly exhausting.

And oh, the internet at home’s not back yet since I haven’t paid the 3-month bill plus the reconnection fee yet. How convenient! Hehe

So, I’m telling y’all that I might be away for a while. And I will surely miss you.

P.S. baka di muna ako makavisit sa ibang sites. One hour lang ako sa cafe eh. hehehe. 😆


12 Responses to “On being away”

  1. wow.i was really touched.imagine 1 hour ka lang sa cafe but you took the time to visit my site.

    anyway, stress is really inevitable. been there, done that. though i’m not encouraging you to quit nygelle, keep in mind that whatever your decision is, if it feels good, it’s right.

    cheers. :p

    ♂: i always have that in mind mark ryan. well, im still weighing the pros and cons. i can’t just make a decision right away. yeah, i just hope it’s right so i won’t live to regret it. hehe.

    cheers! 😀

  2. gudang said

    aww. welcome back na lang.. yeah, wordpress is definitely not a forum site. 😀
    hehe.. napadaan lan po..


    ♂: maraming salamat sa pagdaan. unfortunately, this comeback won’t be long. hehehe. 😆

  3. Mark said

    Hmmm… so you’re off to another hiatus… 🙂
    Well, it is a fact that we do experience burn outs…
    Just my two cents: in the current situation that we have, it would always be better to stick to our current jobs… 🙂 Decide when you are already calm and relaxed… Otherwise, you might regret it…


    ♂: yeah, kaya nga pinag-isipan ko talaga. hehehe. 😀

  4. Mark said

    Hahaha!!! Kakahiya… COME = CALM… Hay… Equivocal in sound… (i-justify pa…)

    ♂: wag ka mag-alala, that happens. na-edit ko na rin. hehehe. 😀

  5. beero™ said

    ehem, ehem. nakakarelate ako dito ah. lols. i can tell there will be another dude resigning this month. toinks!

  6. revsiopao said


    May this hiatus mode give you an opportunity to really weigh things down before you ultimately decide on anything.

    Carry my prayers with you.

  7. Maldito said

    bad trip naman yang ganyang style ng it..indi naman masama ang blogging eh.one thing for sure..pag block na ang wordpress dito…hahanap talaga ako ng ibang work..aehee..

    and sino nagsabi na furom to? duh…..dumb.

    ♂: hahaha! konti nalang. march 6 na last day ko. wahaha! makakabalik na rin ako sa pagba-blog. 😆

  8. Mary Grace said

    ngayon na lang uli ako naligaw rito. hindi mo na isguro ako naaalala. 🙂 ang chaka naman, ipagbawal daw ang wordpress??? nako ah.

  9. dapat pinag-aralan mo kung papaano makapunta sa wordpress na nakaBLOCK.
    hehehe. nakaksawa tlga iyong mga computers na walng games.

  10. hisnameisdencios said

    oi asan ka na?

    andito lang sa tabi-tabi. hehe

  11. teresapham said

    I’ve come across your blog while I was searching for some pictures in the net. I find myself reading your blog … the feeling of hollow, sadness, pain and lonesome … Thank you for posting so nice entries … Keep on your well-done job !!! All the best.

    I don’t have lots to say, but thanks. 🙂

  12. wala na talaga si nygelle.sad. :c

    hindi pa ako patay ui. hehe.

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