Sail through Life

October 22, 2007

Have you ever asked questions in your whole life? Have you ever realized that, sometimes, questions are more powerful than answers? Well, I have. Even when I was a kid, I have always asked why the ocean’s salty or why the sky’s blue. I have wondered why a man on the edge of the earth doesn’t fall to the outer space or why there’s outer space. I have scratched my scalp, trying to find answers on why bird flies or why fish doesn’t drown. I can’t think of any idea why fire is hot or why ice is cold. I have gazed and asked why clouds are white.

I have also asked why people fall in love or why people get hurt and cry. Why do people laugh or smile when they’re happy and cry or frown when they’re sad, anyway? I have sought for explanations why people die of hemorrhage when in fact, we have blood in our body. These are stupid questions, aren’t they? I will have to google them for answers. 😀

Some questions are indeed more powerful than answers. Even sometimes, a question can lead to another question. And at times, we leave questions just as they are because we don’t have answers. That is, even the laws of Physics or theories of Chemistry can’t give a remarkable and convincing assumptions.

Truly, everything on earth is a work of mystery. The life we live is a labyrinth. We need to know our whereabouts to find a way out. And finding it would be like a journey of a thousand miles at sea. We need to know which sail would lead us to the right direction and we need to know the rope that is connected to that sail. We are the captain of our life’s odyssey. We need to steer our boats toward the right course.  Else, we will have our boats on the blink and we’ll end up floating, cast away. Our lives will be shattered and we’ll be holding our last breath.

Though we might not know the ropes at the first time we set sail,  we’ll be learning them as we wander. The questions we ask will be our map and we’ll have our own approaches in finding the treasures, the answers.

Oh, I can’t wait to dock and see bars of gold.