Blood, blood, and more blood

September 27, 2009

I always have a thing for blood – human blood. I must have been a vampire in my past life. You think so? I must be Lestat, Louis, Dracula, or Edward Cullen. Haha. Definitely, not the latter. Not that I hate Twilight Saga or something. Anyway, I have been watching gore-saturated movies lately. And I can’t seem to get them out of my head. I wonder what their blood types are when they splatter off the screen. As for me, I forgot my blood type. I had it checked when I was a kid. Could I become an AB if my mom’s A and my dad’s B? Just a thought.


I know I’ve always wanted to be a nurse or a doctor. I wanna hold a scalpel, 10-blade, clamp, suction, and all those stuff they use for sutures or surgeries. Geez, I wanna cut someone open when I get angry. Does that occur to you as sane or am I totally out of my mind? But darn, poverty sucks that I can’t even go to a med school! I guess I had to live with my fantasies, wearing cute scrub caps and become one of the best neurosurgeons in my wildest dreams! Fuck, Grey’s Anatomy reruns.


Why are some people afraid of blood? Mostly, big guys. My team leader lost his senses when he sees blood. And, his like six footer or something. My team mate’s boyfriend who’s a basketball player can’t take a look at a drop of blood, much more a bucket. Must be the tough, big guys. Hmm, makes me wonder.


Twilight Saga fanatics, congratulations. Who has never seen the Twilight: New Moon Trailer? Well, I have to say the effects were cool. Compared with the first one, I think this one will be a hit. Take a peek!