September 15, 2009

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about what to write and came up with nothing. I guess, I’m too tired to think. I don’t surf the net often because most of the time, I’m snoring. Believe me, I’ve been sleeping for 8 to 10 to 12 hours a day. I don’t find going to parties and drinking sessions exciting anymore. Does this mean I’m getting old? Nah! That could be one of the reasons why I haven’t thought of updating the site.

Anyway, I just want to share the things that keep me from boredom everytime insomnia kicks in or when it’s my rest day and I don’t find myself hanging out with friends. And that is Facebooking. Do you think Facebook is a social networking site? Well, think again. The reason why I signed up for Facebook is not to gain friends. Dang, I ain’t that friendly. Haha! Well, I signed up because of the games. And here are the top 3 games that I always play.

1. Farmtown


Well, the main goal for the game is to level up and expand you farm. You can buy buildings like barn, farmhouse, chicken coop,or mansion, or you can buy flowers and trees that will bring the colors to your farm. May ganun? All you need to do is plow and plant to gain more money. (Tip: You can have yourself hired at the marketplace and gain money and experience) So, if the farm has a lot of things in it, then the owner must be rich! Just like me. Hahaha!

2. Restaurant City
Just like any other games, the goal is to level up and expand your restaurant. You can decorate your restaurant with as many stuff as you want. You can also choose dishes and drinks to serve to your customers. You have to level your dishes up to gain more experience, thus leveling up faster. You can buy ingredients, too. Where can you find a tomato that’s worth 4,700? Only in Restaurant City. So, you can trade ingredients with your friends to save money. Ang pangit pa ng restaurant ko kasi low level pa. haha!

And here is my avatar. Now, that’s cute! By the way, he’s the chef.  Ha ha!

3. Word Challenge

Pasensya, walang picture. Tinamad ako eh.

The game is simple and no, the aim is not to level up, but to have the highest score ever! I think everyone has played text twist. So, I don’t have to explain a lot. This game is just like Text Twist. You can challenge a friend and beat them with your vocabulary and excellence in twisting letters. So far, I’m still the running champion with 16,332 score.

But if you still think Facebook is a social networking site, you can add me. My email address is brain.work@rocketmail.com .

Fine, I just need more friends. By the way, I had to use a different name. Dami ko kasing stalkers. Hehehe!