It’s water + detoxification!

January 20, 2009

Cars need oil changing. Or else it won’t work like a well-oiled machine. The same goes for people like you and me. We need to keep our body always clean, even on the inside. That’s why detoxifying your body maybe as important as taking your daily bath to keep you healthy all the time. Drink new vitwater Cleanse! It has fiber that helps flush out the toxins in your body and promote digestive health. So start living clean and healthy. Start drinking vitwater Cleanse! Dut don’t stop taking a bath, okay?

That’s according to the label of the vitwater Cleanse (parang vitamin water ng US na nakikita ko sa Gossip Girl. lols) that I bought a while ago. Kaya pala ako natatae kanina. lols. joke lang. This vitwater actually comes with different flavor, with corresponding colors (yellow, orange, blue, and red). It has vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C, and E too! This is actually one way to a healthy living.

For P13.55, grab a bottle of vitwater  and start living a healthy life.

Vitwater is manufactured by RFM.  For comments and suggestions, call 632-0874 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-000-1000 (Provincial Toll Free).


Hindi ako binabayaran para sa post na ‘to. Wala lang kasi akong maisip na isulat. lols. 😆


7 Responses to “It’s water + detoxification!”

  1. flamindevil said

    they should pay you for this..haha

    ♂: haha! that made me think of having a paid blog. lols. thanks for dropping by. 😆

  2. beero said

    hahaha 😆 ano to paid post? parang advertisement eh. lols. kikita ang RFM sayo. wapak!

    ♂: lols. wag na umepal. haha! uu. kikita sila saken. may commission ako. toinkz. 😆

  3. hey bro.thanks for dropping by.add kita sa flamindevil’s angels ko ha..daan-daan ulit ako dito para magbasa.salamat ulit. :

    ♂: sure bro. add na rin kita sa blogroll ko. salamat din. 😀

  4. kendisan said

    ano to pro bono?
    hahahaha! walang magawa sa office noh? tinatamad kana naman kaya kung anu-anong nasusulat mo.
    hehehehe. hay nako ma-contact nga yung RFM para kumita ka naman. sayang

    ♂: hahaha! tama ka, pro bono ito. bukas, magtatayo na ako ng charity institution. lols. 😆

  5. coolwaterworks said

    i thought this is a paid post too… 🙂
    anyways, i think your hiatus is over…

    to future posts!

    ♂: to future post! *cheers* :ccol:

  6. revsiopao said


    look how boredom(?) can unleash one’s creativity in advertorial writing. he he.

    they are right… you have to be compensated for this. paging RFM!

    cheers. god bless.

    ♂: hahaha! salamat sa pagbisita. God bless you, too. 😀

  7. hisnameisdencios said

    nakabasa na din ako ng ganito. ok nga siya pero ang sinesearch ko ay yung totoong side effects hehe. makahanap at ma try nga ito minsan =)

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