January 20, 2009

I know I have been away for a while (again). The past few days have been busy. Work. Work. And work. Wait, have I been working? The last time I check, I was just daydreaming; sleeping in the office for a couple of hours; surfing the net, looking for something to write about – from politics to business and economy or from  science to showbiz.

Well, we have been working on the same project for months now. I can smell boredom under my nostrils.  I’m losing my drive. The momentum is lost. And nothing keeps me motivated. In fact, we have been ordered to delete all our mp3 files and other audio files (not to mention the movie files as well) for some reasons.

Now, one of my team mates is resigning from the job. Work’s getting in my hair and I can see resignation letters through my retina. They (the team leaders) can sense it. Almost all of the employees in our department are exhausted. That’s certain. We don’t have many options. Even resignation shouldn’t be an option. But as day goes by, it’s as if I, for one, am getting closer to that certain end. Like a black hole or something. An impasse. I couldn’t help it. And I don’t know why I’m feeling this way, or why I should feel this way. I can’t find a good reason to go, but I can’t find a better reason to stay either.

Maybe, this isn’t the job for me. Or maybe this isn’t the right time. Maybe. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve learned a lot. Nuff said.

By the way, I was just writing this to show that I have a new signature. Hahaha!


2 Responses to “Impasse”

  1. beero said

    hmmm…may naaamoy akong resignation letter dito. haha 😎

    ♂: bakit? mag-reresign ka na? lols. 😆

  2. irrevocable resignation na ba ito?basta ‘if it feels good, you know it’s right.suportahan taka. :p

    ♂: thanks bro. 😀

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