August 22, 2008

Nothing scares the hell out of me than leaving my cellular phone at home. I was in a hurry for work. Besides the fact that I needed it to contact some people, it is still “unli.” I just got the confirmation that I could use my Globe Unlimited Text around 5 in the morning. Yes, I was still up by that time. And the fact that I can’t use it from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening just makes me wanna cry. I know I’m overreacting. But it’s just a waste of money. How can I live up to my motto “Lugiin ang Globe sa UNLITXT?” Okay, I usually send around 1000 text messages in a day (Globe-to-Globe), and that only costs me 20 pesos. But I can’t also go back home and risk my 100 pesos for being late for work. Argghh!

Worse, my mom’s in the house. The phone doesn’t have security lock. The tendency is, she will be reading all my messages – from inbox to sent items to drafts to outbox to archives to all other folders. And oh, that includes call registers. Before, she read my 500 plus messages. All of those are the private ones. Geez, I am such a klutz! Why do I keep messages anyway? I have to learn my lesson that not all the time my phone’s with me. Now, I’m down on my knees, praying that the phone would turn off on its own. Lucky me, it has a PIN code. But I just recharged it and there will be no way that it will be turned off. Now, I’m dead, frightened out of my own wit. I’m calling all the gods and goddesses, including Dyosa, to help me. Please, spare my life.

Oh, I have to get back to work, else, I’d be deader than ever.


2 Responses to “Panic-stricken.”

  1. har har said

    hey, what happened next? may nabasa b mommy mo? kwento m nmn
    Aq din parang sobrang laki ng kulang kapag wala skin cp q…
    naala2 q nung naiwan q ung cp q s haus ng bf q… sobrang panic mode aq.. nisoli din nmn nya nung gabing un pero niaway nya q nung umga na.. i guess nbasa nya ung mga messages dun..

    ♂: uu may nabasa siya. wahaha! pinagsabihan pa talaga ako. sino ba naman kasi ang di mapapagsabihan sa mga malalaswang messages? wahaha! jowk lang. gusto lang naman niya na ipakilala ko sa kanya kung sino man yung nagt-text sa’kin ng mga haylabyu at kung anu-ano pa. kaso, marami eh. hehehe. 😆

  2. har har said

    wow.. Heartthrob!!! dami ng sasabi ng ai lab yu.. 🙂
    may niamin k nmn b? hehe

    ♂: wala. hehehe. sabi ko wrong sent lahat yun. wahaha! bahala na sila kung ayaw nilang maniwala. toinkz. 😉

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