I Just Can’t Study Because…

August 22, 2008

…I don’t want to. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) will be on September 28, 2008. That’s more or less a month away from now. And, I haven’t enrolled in a review center because for me, it’s just a waste of money. I only opened the first page of my reviewer, which I bought months ago. It’s just that every time I open my book, it would induce migraine or any illness of sort. And there’s just too many subjects to study – English, Math, Filipino, Science, P.E, Ethics, Foundations of Education, Political Science, and all others. I don’t know where to start. Or, I am such a lazy bum! Maybe because I was never taught to study when I was a kid. And I was never used to it.

Now, I’m in a cold sweat. Geez, I can’t afford to fail this exam. I know people say that the exam’s as easy as pie. So, failing it would mean the end of my career and entire life, perhaps.

I just can’t find any motivation to study, at all. No matter how I convince myself to study, I just don’t feel like it.

I graduated like a year ago, and all that has been taught by our teachers now vanished in thin air. So, instead of thinking some non-existent motivations, why don’t I think of some strategies in ending my life if ever I flunk that exam? Hmm. What about jumping off the building? Or bridge? No, I don’t want my face to be distorted when I die. Whatever. Okay, what about cutting my wrist? Nah, that must be painful. Hanging myself on the shower rod? That’s gradual. I want something quick. Carbon Monoxide? That’s quick and painless. That must be great! But I can’t just sniff some smoke from the jeepneys’ smoke belchers! Overdosing myself with Memo Plus Gold? That wouldn’t do any good. Kuya Kim would kill me.

I’m running out of ways.

Okay, self-destruct in…









Maybe, I should start studying. NOW! 😦


11 Responses to “I Just Can’t Study Because…”

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  2. rimewire said

    mgbigti n tayo




    ♂: magbibigti na talaga ako. pramis! wahaha!

  3. coolwaterworks said

    Whaaaat? You barely have a month to go….

    During my time (murag dugay-dugay na…) we had 6 months of review… But my course is ECE, so expectedly we needed more review time…

    I think that your reluctance is because of the fact that you already have work, and I am surmising based on previous posts that you are in one of the call centers here… which is 180 degrees different from being a teacher… Is it possible that you have already lost your passion for the profession you tried to study?

    In anyway, good luck and don’t cram… Based on experience, it is the foundational knowledge that will really propel and aid an examinee on board exams… So just skim through thouse review materials, try to remember the basic concepts and don’t memorize questions and answers. They will be useless when you have a mental block…

    ♂: i actually don’t have passion for teaching. i studied education for the sole reason of having bigger monthly stipend. DOST scholar kasi ako. hehehe. and no, i’m not working in a call center now. hahaha


  4. BADoy said

    you can do it.. just stay focus… good luck sa exam!

    ♂: thanks! i’ll try. hehehe. 😆

  5. yuie said

    hmmmm..why don’t you put your head inside the oven while the gas is on like what Sylvia Plath did?
    it would be a really dramatic way of ending ur colorful life..ehehehe
    i’m not helping, am i? ehehehe

    ♂: thank you for being not so helpful, at all. but i’ll consider it. hehehe. we’ll see. wish me luck! 😀

  6. beero said

    haha. magsuicide ba nang dahil sa kahihiyan. parang naubos mo na yung best ways to commit to suicide. may alam ako, yung di ka masasaktan at masusugatan.

    …wag ka munang magtake ng board. as simple as that! it could spare your life! hakhak 😆

    ♂: that would mean, i’d have to make more 18 units if i decide to take the next year’s exam. and no effin way will i do that. hehehe. kakalimutan ko nalang huminga. period. hehe. 😆

  7. I pray that all goes well

    ♂: thanks. 😀

  8. wei vines said

    wag mo pilitn pag ayaw mo pa…. kasi walang papasok sa utak mo nyan…
    and lastly, motivate mo na lang sarili mo na mag aral..hehe.. cut the leisures bro! hehe
    goodluck ^^

    ♂: kaya nga wala pa akong nagagawa kasi inde ko pinipilit. hehehe. and if i don’t force myself, i will end up not studying at all. hehehe. im such a lazy bum. haha! neiwez, thanks bro! 😀

  9. Jonell said

    hello there. i appreciate your including me on your blogroll (SUPERPAURONG). pero la na ko dun. thanks.

    i’m home.

    ♂: hehe. walang problema un. san ba bago mong bahay? hehehe. 😆

  10. K said

    How was the exam? I had problems reviewing as well, so glad to finally get it over with. Badtrip nga nung 2nd test kase parang something was weird, di na tuloy naka-concentrate. Ikaw, may napansin ka?
    ..Woops, hope that won’t be considered a violation of the legal agreement? hehe

    ♂: yeah. i also noticed something. sa case studies? yeah. mali yung questions. geez. wala pang alam yung proctors. haha! well, sana pumasa tayo.. hehehe.

  11. Jonell said

    Ui ui .

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