Ratings, eh?

July 16, 2008

I know this post may sound a bit crazy, but I just want to share this. It’s already getting on my nerves.

You know, competition is expected in the Entertainment Industry. But I am so tired of all these enmities between two large networks in the Philippine television such as GMA and ABS-CBN. Talagang nakakainis na! Some of the Filipinos are already battling each other just so to brag which network gives a better service. This rage reaches the point that these people are pulling each other down. Truly, Filipinos have this crab mentality. We just can’t get rid of it.

Ratings. This is the root of all these network wars. AGB Nielsen conducts the survey. They give out the ratings as to what show is preferred (or not) by the many. Well, Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP)has this routine to show the ratings gathered in the Mega Metro Manila area. And this has brought a tremendous impact on the televiewers. So, network war begins.

GMA fans boast that there Dyesebel remains undefeated. Not to mention, other GMA shows. GMA fans then brag about their network being the number one network in the Philippines. ABS-CBN fans, on the other hand, continue to point out that the said shows only rate high in the said area (Mega Metro Manila), and not in the entire country. ABS-CBN fans stand firm that their network is still the number one network in the Philippines.

And why am I pissed off? I actually don’t care which network leads in the competition. I mean, who cares? Well, advertising industries do. And this is why I am upset.

I read a comment from one of the GMA fan that it is better to be number one in Mega Metro Manila, where advertisers and sophisticated people live; than in any other provinces, where unsophisticated and uneducated people live. And oh, Cebuanos are cheap. Something like that.

Huh! Does this mean that Manileños think so highly of themselves just because they are living in the National Capital Region? Does this mean that we, Cebuanos, are uneducated and unsophisticated? Or the other people who live in some areas of the country [other than the Metro Manila area]? Think again.

You see, these people are oblivious about what might this do to their fellows. They are blinded by the ratings to the point that they will bring others down. Crab mentality, it is.  [And take note, this also boils down why the Philippine Economy is experiencing depression because instead of helping hand-in-hand to climb , we tend to pull each other down.] Ugh, reality sucks.

So, is this what the groceries and 500 pesos are for? To discriminate the people who live in the other parts of the countries, especially the provinces? Do we get wealthy with this kind of mentality?

Come on! People, wake up! Cut the crap! If you want to watch your show, then feel free to watch it for the rest of your lives. Why bother the other network?

I know this will be an uphill struggle. But let’s make peace, not war. After all, this is Entertainment Industry. They are so to entertain us, and not to make us lock horns.


One Response to “Ratings, eh?”

  1. har har said

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! ang sama nmn non! d b nila alam n karamihan ng magagaling ay ung nasa probinsya.???

    nickname™: uu nga eh. kaya nga napilitan akong i-post to. hmmph. 😡

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