Stupid Cupid!

July 13, 2008

One thing’s for sure. Thanks Globe.

If not for your system glitch, I would have not known how dumb I was.

This should be the end.


3 Responses to “Stupid Cupid!”

  1. beero said

    what? elaborate mo nga. hakhak!

    nickname™: wala yan. hahaha! jowk3x lang yan. hahaha!

  2. © Kendi said

    jowk2x daw wo. e EMO ka kaya these past few days…hehehe. sino ba yan? elaborate!

    nickname™: wahaha! ako? EMO? wa uy. i’ll elaboate things when i’m sure about it. so far, la pa nahuman ang case. naa pa series of trials. hehehe. 😆

  3. har har said

    inlove? hmmmm

    nickname™: sinong in love? ha? sino? nasan? kailan? bakit? wahaha! 😆

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