Get Sorted!

July 11, 2008

I am an Energetic Doer according to a personality test [I got from a friend blogger Kendi]. I find it amusing since most of the characteristics of an ED are quite similar as mine. Oh well, I think I really am. So, here are the qualities of an ED.

Energetic Doers are cheerful and spontaneous persons. They are charming and full of energy and real persons of action. They keep a clear head and the overview even in difficult situations. This makes them popular problem solvers. Their ability of being able to absorb and process information is phenomenal. Energetic Doers also have strong powers of observation and a keen sense when dealing with other people. They are very perceptive, witty, and clever. They have a natural ability of convincing others of their point of view. Energetic Doers live completely in the here and now and make spontaneous decisions from one moment to the next. They love being together with other people and are sensuous, lively and amusing conversationalists. It is no problem for them to be the effervescent centre of attention at a party and they are generous, skillful and good hosts. They do not brood over consequences for long; they quickly grasp all the relevant facts, make a pragmatic decision and enforce that decision vigorously. Should a decision later turn out to have been wrong, one can always make new plans.

But this is typical for Energetic Doers and, afterwards, they are all the more devoted and loving.

For the whole article, click this.

Wanna know your personality? Take the test.


4 Responses to “Get Sorted!”

  1. coolwaterworks said

    You may also want to try the following sites below.

    This is about the enneagram personality types (9 types):

    This is perhaps the oldest method of classifying personality types; temperaments or humours (4 types):

    Way back in college, we took both of these tests in our psychology class. I am type 8 for ennegram and choleric from the humours… The tests correlated to my personality type. 🙂

    nickname™: thanks for the sites. hehe. and thanks for dropping by as well.

  2. Geisha said

    wow.. devoted and loving.. sarap mo maging jowa! 😆

    nickname™: parang ganun na nga.. wahahah! 😆

  3. rimewire said


    nagtake na rin aku nian kaninang umaga


    meron ka den pla nian


    akin ung pinakahuli sa rainbow, DI




    nickname™: ganun? hehehe.

  4. beero said

    medyo totoo naman yong iba.

    pero di totoo to – “generous, skillful and good hosts”. hahaha

    nickname™: generous kaya ako! tsaka, skillful at good host! totoo yan! totoo! wahaha! 😛

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