Can I Just Use the Abacus?

July 8, 2008

It’s not that I’m whining, okay, maybe I am. No, not maybe. I am indeed whining. No, complaining. Whining is complaining with some unimportant matters. But, this is important. So yes, that’s it. I am complaining. I feel envious with some workmates’ computers. Mine is as old as the hill. And I tell you, it’s slower than abacus. Well, that’s exaggeration. But, this machine really is slow.

Everytime I switch from window to window [Alt + Tab], I see an hourglass. Hourglass for minutes. Holy shit. When I save files, another hourglass for hours. Oh, crap! I feel pissed off everytime I open windows. I want to work as fast as I could, but this computer just keeps on loading and loading.

Maybe this is the reason. And I’m pretty sure of that.

You think this isn\'t snail?

You think this isn\

There. Oh by the way, John also found out that my computer is really slow. He told me he couldn’t add some memory for the RAM because my computer’s version is old. The same year EDVAC was invented. So, it wouldn’t be compatible with the new version. So, I’d have to settle with this. Oh what bad luck!

Now, I’m down on my knees hoping some Core 2 Duo or Quad Core would fall from heaven. Well, you may call it “building castles in the air.” That’s just sad.

*sob sob* 😥


5 Responses to “Can I Just Use the Abacus?”

  1. Kendi said

    wawa ka naman. tahan na… dami naman new cp units sa office. Im sure meron 1 for you. hehhehe

    dont cry na.hehehe

    nickname™: waaahH! 😥 hope so.. but i think wala jud para akoa. hahayz.. 😦

  2. har har said

    😦 wawa naman ung bata. anu b trabaho m? programmer k b? what if sbihin m n ngiging less productive k dhil s bgal ng PC m.. baka mapalitan nila ung unit m..

    nickname™: ahhhmm, hindi ako programmer. parang MWord lang at internet ang kailangan kong gamitin. pero, bagal parin. huhuhu. gusto ko ngang sabihin na less productive ako eh, kaso, less productive parin kahit mabilis ang PC kasi panay ang petiks. wahah 😆

  3. har har said

    un nga lang.. 😉 hehe pero hirap din magpanggap n busy db? kaya m yan.. matagal m n b gamit ung unit m n yan?? masasanay k din.. hehe.. sakit nga lang s ulo non

    nickname™: mga 10 months pa nga lang naman. hehe. hindi parin ako nasanay. sasakit parin ulo ko everytime magha-hang ang PC. kakainis. grrrr 😡

  4. beero said


    magself-pity ba. hakhak! sige hiramin mo muna PC ko. palit muna tayo.

    nickname™: yoko nyan. walang share. wala din ‘run’ command. bleehh. 😛

  5. raf said

    ‘pano na yan ‘pag maglalaro kayo ng trivia game sa mibbit? wehehehe

    nickname™: kaya nga eh, lage tuloy akong nauunahan. delayed kasi masyado. waaahh! heheh. 😆

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