Ungodly proposal in an ungodly hour

July 7, 2008

After a couple of hours playing DotA, I decided to go home. It was around 2am when I paid my bill at Net Express (somewhere in Mango Square). I opted to go home, leaving my friends behind. I was already sleepy that my body could not even carry its own flesh (or the lack thereof). I went out of the cafe and felt the cool breeze. After sniffing some air-cony air, it was relaxing to sometimes breathe Mother Earth.

Like a walking cadaver, I paced the sidewalk in an unwieldy manner with the desire of laying myself to bed. As I reached some kind of dingy corner, a guy ran after me.

“Game,” said he.

“What?” I asked, with my mind still in DotA state.

“Game?” he replied, repeatedly.

“Huh?” I was puzzled and a little bit pissed off. After all, I was not in my state of mind. Sleep-deprived, I’d rather not entertain some strangers along the way.

He caught up with me and put his arms on my shoulder.

“Hey, what are you doing?” as I shunned him away.

He, then, signalled to give me a head. WTF! What was he thinking? Sumbagayon nalang ta ni? I ain’t so familiar with some nudge-nudge, wink-wink gestures, but that, I was a hundred percent sure. So, I trotted on my way to the gas station. To my surprise, he followed me. It was then I decided to hail a cab and rode my way home.

Argghh! I wish I didn’t go home. I could have saved a few bucks. I wish I stayed with my friends. I wish I were thinking.

Well, I have learned my lesson. I will never, ever have to be out somewhere during ungodly hours.  And I will never, ever play DotA again. Never, ever again. Okay, wipe out the latter.


One Response to “Ungodly proposal in an ungodly hour”

  1. yuie said

    dah… u shouldn’t have left earlier. oa pa mn gud sleppy2..ehehehe
    next time, dungan na namu ha? ehehehe

    nickname™: ahaha! just so you know, net ex is a place where mayas and faggots usually stay. pwede change ta venue? wahaha!

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