In The Doldrums

June 30, 2008

I so wanna cry today, and I don’t know why. I wanna bawl like a newborn baby. Or blubber like a toddler. It’s just that these tear ducts are full and are ready to shed pail-full tears. But it would be nonsensical if I snivel inside the office, right? I swear I don’t want to wear a straight jacket and be taken by people in white coat.

And oh, these songs from Keith Urban just shred my heart to pieces. But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain. La La La.You see, I have never loved country songs until that day I checked my playlist.

Hayzz, today’s just another boring day in the office. How I hate Mondays.

Listening to “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban


7 Responses to “In The Doldrums”

  1. auralay said

    I have those days too.
    Awful, but relieving. In a sense. I guess.
    I write in fragmented sentences a lot. It’s like talking in real time- no one ever speaks in proper structures. Conversations wouldn’t be as fun as they are if we did.
    But back to the point.
    The point is is that everyone needs to cry, but not everyone needs a reason. See? We cry because we’re alive. At least I do. Sometimes I feel like it helps me open up my sinuses- but it never really works in the end; very messy business.
    I’m horrible at trying to commiserate with strangers. So let’s not be strangers.
    Have a good cry and feel better. Raspberries always inspire emotional healing. And they taste good.

  2. @auralay

    i think you have a point there. and im glad you pointed that out. oh well, i wouldn’t care if it’d be a messy business, so long as it would make me feel better, then i should have a good cry. bad thing, raspberries are very rare here. haha.

    thanks for the insight [and for the time reading this], anyway.

  3. auralay said

    Where are you at that raspberries happen to be rare? A sad thing indeed!
    It’s 3am here and I’m wallowing in my nightly insomnia bout.
    Are you feeling better?

  4. @auralay

    I am actually from the Philippines, and raspberries are as rare as diamonds here. haha.
    I think I’m feeling a bit better now, but quite dizzy staring at the computer monitor the whole time.

    and oh, i hate it when insomnia kicks in. i need an awful lot of rest.

  5. auralay said


    I’ve never been to the Philippines. Perhaps I shall introduce raspberries to the area.
    Better is good. Dizzy can be fun, sometimes. Like when you’ve been spinning in too many circles just to see the world tip a little bit and watch your spinning partner stumble.

    I, too, despise insomnia. Here I am, with a comfortable bed and no sleep to give it! An unfortunate event.

  6. @auralay

    Well, Philippines is a good place for people who love nature, especially the beaches.

    wow! I never thought being dizzy could be fun. thanks for the perspective. I might as well find something by just staring at the ceiling, doing nothing at all.

    As of now, I’m wanting to have a good rest, but not a comfortable bed is in sight. Quite ironic, huh?

  7. auralay said

    Beaches! I love sitting in the shade and trying to see as far as I can without the world going hazy. or floating on my back and staring at the sky.

    Sometimes when I stare at the ceiling, everything goes out of focus and these strange color blooms start to explode in my eyes- something similar to closing your eyes and seeing those explosions of colors and shapes 🙂

    I hope you found a comfortable bed; I finally found a form of sleep

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