Love 101, it is.

June 20, 2008

Love lessons:

1. ‘Sorry’ was never synonymous to ‘I won’t do it again.’ Indeed. No matter how many times we say ‘sorry,’ we can’t avoid the instances of doing the same mistake all over again – whether intentionally or unintentionally. So, never expect your partners to poke their eyeballs whenever a chic girl or a hunk guy passes by.

2. When s/he falls out, it doesn’t mean you’re giving less. It’s because s/he is asking too much. Think positively. I mean, why would you blame yourself for the breakup? Who wants to end up having puffy eyes, after all the crying and all? Do you really think a relationship would work out if you’re not reaching a compromise? Nah. Come on. Be optimistic. When it’s broken, it’s broken. Don’t try fixing it. You would only end up hurting yourself. Such a cliche.  

3. Crying before breaking up is good. You are trying to save the relationship. But crying after the breakup is different. It’s stupidity. Here we go again. Don’t cry over spilled milk. S/he ditched you, move on. Get a life. After all, you did everything you could to save the relationship – or did you?

4. There are no wasted tears.There are only inconsiderate partners. Okay, I’m talking about saving the relationship here. Some partners don’t really care. Period. No matter how many barrels of tears you cry, they just won’t care. But let me remind you, crying isn’t really the best solution. A good serious talk would still win. Unless, you’re guilty of course. You should end up being a drama queen or king and all sort. Hehe.

5. Bitterness is often the painful consequence of holding on. You see, if your partners don’t like having you around, then let go. I mean, seriously? Do you really wanna see your ex french kissing his/her new girlfriend/boyfriend? You sure don’t wanna be a wagging tail, following your partner because you still want him/her back. Am I clear with my point here?

6. Third parties are not the main issues. It’s always the two of you. Go figure it out. I don’t wanna explain.

7. Forgiveness is different from second chances. Yes, I still believe that you can still end up being friends. You sure can forgive your partner, but second chance? Think about it. So, you believe in “love is sweeter the second time around?” It all boils down to being able to do the same mistake all over again. If s/he did that to you, then there’s not a reason why s/he won’t do it again. Unless, of course you’d already killed him/her. hehe.

Okay, yes. You’re right. I’m back. I was actually thinking of writing something else but I ended up with these. There have been a lot of things people discuss about love lessons. But I still believe that love is a matter of thinking, and not mainly of the heart. I’m not quite sure if it’s Grey’s Anatomy or Dr. House, but they point out that a man, whose heart is being replaced, can still love the same person before and after the operation. So, see? It’s just a matter of mind.  Just use your head. I mean, really. Seriously.


10 Responses to “Love 101, it is.”

  1. rimewire said

    Oh, it is love–what I’d give to feel it.




  2. rimewire said

    ui aywiladchu in my blagrowl


    wla lng


    nickname™: hehehe. salamat. update ko rin blogroll ko.

  3. mang BADoy said

    naka relate naman ako sa blog mo! ang taray ng entry tong pasok sa banga sabi ng mga bading!!!

    mabuhay ka katoto!!!

    nickname™: wahaha! salamat sa pagbisita. 😆

  4. Geisha said

    uu nga pasok nga sa banga! pwede ka nang maging halimaw sa banga!

    hmmm in love na naman si kuya 😆

    nickname™: waaahh! ehehe. anong in lab? hhmmphh! di ah! ahaha! 😆

  5. beero said

    1. ‘Sorry’ was never synonymous to ‘I won’t do it again.’

    “SORRY” seems to be the hardest word. haha.

    we can say “sorry” time and time again, but it’s always hard to say it with sincerity…

    nickname™: haha! kasi isa kang sinungaling! liar! liar! liar evil ka. 👿 walang sincerity. toinkz. 😆

  6. har har said

    5. Bitterness is often the painful consequence of holding on.
    >>I agree with you. Do not hold on to someone who you think is still there but has really been long gone. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Once you have learned to understand that this is where it ends then it is the only time when you will learn how to move on with life without having to stop every time you are reminded of the bitterness of the past. Naks! 😉

  7. @har har

    naks! parang love guru ah! aheheh. wait, san mo ba nakita tong blog ko? waaahh!

  8. idolkocbadudz said

    aus to ah,.nakarelate aman aku.
    based from experience b yan?

    nickname™: wahaha! uu. at idol ko rin si badoodles. 😆

  9. har har said

    hehe.. s page ni badoodles 😉
    naghahanap kasi aq ng katulad nyang makulit at cute.. hahaha

    nickname™: toinkz. ganun? wahaha! may link ka ba? pa-silip naman. 😉

  10. har har said

    wala.. ndi aq mgaling magsulat. haha, mahilig lang aqng magbasa ng sinusulat ng iba. 🙂 Bka pag nagsulat aq puro kalokohan lng o kaya over s senti.. hehe

    nickname™: okiez. sabi mo eh. okie din naman yung puro kalokohan eh. kakatuwa nga. wahehe. 😉

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