In Need of Art Workshop

May 15, 2008

Oh, crap! I think it was September 12, 2007 when I drew this. On the first day of my work, I had nothing to do. So, I pulled up Paint. How imaginative could I be? And out of nothing, I made this. It was also this time when Darna (Angel Locsin) hit the top of the TV ratings. (Lumipat na pala sa ABS-CBN si Angel that time.) I draw like a grade one student, don’t I?

Well, this drawing somehow made me think I am a saddist. You see, the blood and all – so gross. Well, this is just another effect of boredom strike. Aside from listening to music, I draw – yes, I draw sticks. Isn’t that creative? I thought so.


5 Responses to “In Need of Art Workshop”

  1. yuie said

    ur just bored, tis all… eheheeh

    nickname™: i believe so… hahaha! nice au akong drawing sah? toinkz. 😐

  2. lex said

    hahaha. finally, sinunod mo nga ang suggestion ko. ahehe. see? you’re creative and artistic. sino pa ba ang ibang makakagawa ng ganitong drawing kundi ang mga bata sa grade school. hehe.

    but i appreciate the effort. maganda naman ang concept kasi may violence. patok to sa mga chikiting! LOL.

    nickname™: ahahah! i couldn’t agree more.. toinkz.. 😆

  3. Geisha said

    wow talented! 😀

    nickname™: hahaha! di naman masyado.. toinkz. 😆

  4. batopik said

    hahaha! ang cute ng drawing.. 😀 asan na ung next episode? hehehe.. nakakatuwa! hehehe.. 😀

    nickname™: natuwa ka dun? heheh.. wala nang next episode yan.. kasi, di na ako nagba-blog. nagbabasa nalang ako ng blogs.. bibisitahin kita mamaya.. hehehe..

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Electioneer

    nickname™: thanks for the visit. i understand you don’t know some Filipino language, eh? anyway, it’s a pleasure having you here. 😀

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