Days of The Dead Living

April 18, 2008

I am a walking zombie, a dead meat. The difference is that a zombie is a dead person brought to life. Me? I am a living person brought to death. But, we look the same – someone who had been to hell and was sent back to earth to feed on human flesh.

I haven’t had sleep for the past 24 hours. And the last time I had a spoonful of rice was yesterday’s lunch. Oh, isn’t that great? Just an ordinary wakeful nights and hungry days. Sometimes I just want to be a vampire, so I don’t feel guilty of not being able to sleep at night. So it won’t be sinful, staring at clocks and waiting for it to slap me that it’s already 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning.

That’s why I hate seeing friends. I just can’t refuse their alluring invitations to play DotA, or Silkroad Online. I just can’t turn down their offers to compete and have fun in mIRC’s trivia channels. And I just can’t say no when they ask to level up our Friendster accounts.

Now, I’m doomed. Something’s running inside my stomach, and I feel like  puking my innards. I feel like I’m drunk without even licking a drop of alcoholic drink. I felt dizzy, and the world just can’t stop turning. The cup of coffee I had this morning just can’t stop my eyelids from closing. So, if any of you could teach me the art of sleeping with eyes open, then we should start the session. Now! Or do you know the best stimulant besides coffee, dark chocolates, or coke, because they aren’t just as effective as caffeine?

By the way, it’s good to be back after two weeks.


4 Responses to “Days of The Dead Living”

  1. lex said

    haha 😆 you must sleep, man. you’ll be dead if you’ll keep doing this. hehe. the start of sleeping with eyes open? ahhhmm…i don’t think that’s possible. it’s good that i can still sleep at least for six hours. yeah. insomnia “attacked” me these past few nights. and that could still be my problem tonight.

  2. @lex

    yeah! it’s killing me softly. but, i just can’t sleep during work hours. it’s more than killing my career, dude. maybe next time, i’ll take unisom, tylenol, or even benadryl AH to keep me snoring. 😆

  3. yuie said

    lex, six hours of sleep and you call urself an insomiac? lol…ehehhehe

    nickname™: ehehe.. right! then, what’s 2-hour to no sleep, then for him? hehehhe.. wake! LOL! 😆

  4. Geisha said

    WB 😆

    nickname™: hehehe… tenchu.. aalis na nga rin ulit ako eh.. haha! 😆

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