April 3, 2008

I submit to
your immutable gesticulation;
luring, and coaxing nemesis, that is.

I had my one foot in the grave
And Life has been abysmal.
With you, I’ll go.

That detrimental kiss
shriveled, and searing
’til my last blood kissed earth.

This permanence;
’tis the catastrophe
of relishing insomniac aurora.

Nick me;
to your unfathomable realm;
’til this gasp of pain leave no trace.

Oh death;
how enticing is your eminence
and to spurn your plea is despondency.

So purloin my soul
in a trice –
brisker than twinkling of an eye.


8 Responses to “Wreck.”

  1. now that’s what i call poetry with a passion…i could feel your every word..
    very powerful indeed
    thanks for sharing it

    nickname™: wow, thanks for dropping by and liking my poem. 😀

  2. beero said

    OMG. WTF 👿 di lang pang-nosebleed to, earbleed na rin. haha 😆 i didn’t understand a single thing. lols. heavygat masyado to! sinadya mo to para di ko maintindihan!!! ahehe 😆

    nickname™: uu! dapat lang hindi mo maintindihan.. heheh.. baka malaman mo pa ang mensahe nyan.. LOLS.. 😆

  3. I love poetry. You write so crafty. Kudos!
    I am a poet, too.

    nickname™: thanks. i hope to read some of your works, too. 😀

  4. Geisha said

    very passionate and very strong!
    the emotions are strong and was well written!

    pero nosebleed ako! pootah ka! 😆

    nickname™: wahaha! thanks. bored lang kasi ako, kaya lumilipad ang utak ko.. hehe.. 😆

  5. lilmiz said

    uhmmm.. may translation po ba to in bisaya? ahehehe.. powet ka pala! wahaha… ay sori, seryus pala to 🙂

    nickname™: ahhmm, translation? wala eh. hehehe. hinde ako powet. LOLS. inde nga.. paminsan-minsan lang kasi ako gumagawa ng powem. ehehe. bored lang. haha! 😆

  6. Geisha said

    puteek! bored ka pa nyan? ayus ah!

    nickname™: wahehe. wala kasi akong ibang masulat.. hehehe..

  7. beero said

    may naintindihan ako sa 4th stanza. may insomnia si aurora, di ba? yes! na-gets ko rin! hehe.

    nickname™: ang galing naman! may tama ka dun! 😆 wag na kasing piliting maintindihan.. if ma-decipher mo to, magiging suicidal ka.. wahahah! 👿

  8. filteany said

    I like this one- it speaks of the same passion as Neruda’s Love poems. I think I am going to be a regular “floater” on your page.

    please visit http://www.editred.com/hatchzel to check my poems…hope you enjoyed them.

    nickname™: thanks. i will surely visit your site.

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