Ready to Drop

March 31, 2008

I guess everyone would agree with me when I say that life isn’t fair. We always ask, “why me?” Why do I have to go through all of these? Why does everybody have to live a happy life while I’m in despair? Why? After all those years, this day made me realize that life indeed isn’t fair.

My younger sister is pregnant. You knew that, I suppose. At a very young age of 18, I knew this is going to be hard – for her, for us, for her future family. She has to face marriage life’s madness and cruelty. And, at a very young age of 19, I started working. I am getting my salary just to give it to my mother for the expenses. You see, I didn’t have plans of having my own family because it would be really hard. I know I would be beaten black and blue.

And now, my sister has to have prenatal examinations. Several prenatal examinations. But, her not-so-husband-to-be guy traded these examinations for a brand new television. Isn’t that great? He bought a brand new television and postponed the scheduled prenatal examination? How irresponsible could that guy be? So, what’s gotta be next? My sister has to ask money from us. I know how hard it would be for her to ask money from us. She knew she did a big mistake having a baby in her womb. I know how shameful it would be not finishing your studies when you’re given all the big opportunities in the world. Still, she has courage to ask.

“Dong, ngayo ko money para sa prenatal,” she said in her low-toned voice.

Because I’m her brother and I have income, I gave her money. I have to cover up her guy’s thoughtlessness. She’s still belongs to the family, anyway. Her DNA strands are same with mine.  And whenever I see my sister having a hard time, my heart would break into pieces. Stabbed and crumpled. Why does she have to experience this at a very young age? Why does she have to like that guy I don’t think would even marry her? That’s why we keep on telling her not to marry that guy.

Now, I’m left with 50 bucks. That wouldn’t make it to the 10th. Not even if I spend it only for fares. Why does it have to be me? Why not my parents? Or why not my older sister? She has work, too. She earns reasonably higher than I. Life isn’t fair, indeed.

And I have too many things to think about than to complain. Just an advice, don’t marry young and unstable. Better yet, don’t marry at all.


9 Responses to “Ready to Drop”

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  2. We learn from our mistakes. But oftentimes, those mistakes agonizes our own beings. Don’t let your sister be frail.

    nickname™: thanks for the thought. don’t worry, i’m always there for her. 😀

  3. chalkdust said

    I do agree with you. Life isn’t fair.
    Well, you can’t blame your sis nor her husband-to-be. So I guess the best thing you can do now is help her. You don’t have a choice, do you?

    Never lose hope. Ok?

    nickname™: sure. i won’t lose hope. and i’m left with no other choice but to help my sis. thanks.

  4. I am from Manila.

    nickname™: mind if i link you up? 😀

  5. Oh. Wow. That is an honor. I just started on blogging a few minutes ago and someone linked me up. That’s so cool! Thanks!

    nickname™: no prob. i find your writing interesting. and i think i’d be visiting your page more often. so, keep blogging. 😉

  6. beero said

    youre asking why…the answer is so simple – someday we’ll know. ahehe 😆

    sinabi mo na binili ng TV yong pera. oks lang yan kasi pag artista mapaglihian ng kapatid eh di limpak limpak na pera kikitain nyo pag maging artistahin din yong pamangkin mo. hehe.

    yeah. life isn’t fair. but we have the choice to change the way it is…(ano raw?)

    nickname™: wahaha! mas kikita sila ng pera pag ako ang pinaglilihian.. mas artistahin ako sa artista.. wahaha! 😆
    tigilan na natin ang kadramahang ito.. 😡

  7. yuie said

    the bane of being the responsible, big-hearted, older sibling..
    tsk tsk..
    if only one cud wish not to have a conscience..
    but you did good.. even if it won’t help ur sister (and her sperm donor) to be more responsible…
    tsk tsk..

    nickname™: yeah! and you know what, my sister went to the hospital by herself.. her sperm donor did not even accompany her.. pisti! giatay! and he had a face to go to the house and use our computer for almost 8 hours. kapal! 😡

  8. Thank you!

    nickname™: you’re welcome..^^

  9. Geisha said

    this post reminds me of my stupid ate who is also pregnant! (pootek)
    like you, i also have to share the burden of future maternity expenses. i was told or forced to set aside 30K for exigencies we can’t foretell baka raw ma CS!

    isipin mo naman yun! nagpapakasarap syang bumukaka tapos idadamay pa nya ‘ko!

    may choice man akong hindi tumulong my conscience told me not to chose the former. i’ll do it for my future nephew na lang not her!

    pootah ka na carried away tuloy ako! :p

    nickname™: waheheh.. ok lang yan.. kaya nga gusto ko paminsan-minsan, maging masama naman ako.. puro kabutihan nalang ang pinanggagawa ko.. hehehe.. 👿

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