Rubik’s Cube

March 12, 2008

I’ve been through a lot of things lately. That’s the main reason why I had to stop blogging for a while. My mind was preoccupied with a lot of things. All of them want to be written, so I ended up writing nothing.

Pregrancies.No, I’m not pregnant! How can I be? LOL. My mom is already 44 years old. And she’s got a baby in her womb. That dude there would be the 7th member of the family. It was hard for us to accept the fact that she’s heavy with child, at first. Isn’t she scared of high risk having a baby at her age? Amf. Well, they said it’s a blessing to have a child. So, we just shut our gob up. You think it will be cute and winsome when a baby is bawling in the middle of your forty winks? We have no choice. Oh, our youngest is 18 years old, by the way. So, I think it’s time to have a baby playmate at home. Hmmm.

And, not only my mother is pregnant, but my 18-year old sister as well. Shocking? Yeah! Jaw-dropping. She’s 18 and still studying. Goodbye nursing career! And the father? Well, that would be too much of an information. That would be a very long story. I digress. 

I hate you premarital sex! I hate you lust! I hate you libido! You ruin lives!

Then again, we didn’t know what to do. We have no choice. So, that makes it two babies. Quite cool, huh? Synchronized crying. Synchronized poopoo and pee. Arrghhh. Sorry little angels, but I have to say this. I hate babies! I just don’t know. Maybe because I don’t want to touch their delicate and fragile bones, their soft skin, their soft head (?), or even to hear their cry. These are signs of weakness. And, I hate being weak. Babies remind me of my inner self. Char!

But I love kids. I love it when they start to walk and talk. I love it when they giggle for small things. Run here, run there. Talk here, and talk there. For me, these are signs of strength. Signs of trying to live. Struggling to survive. Kids remind me of who I want to be. care. hehe.

Grey’s Anatomy.Well, I have spent free time reading Grey’s Anatomy Script. Yeah. From Season 1 to Season 4. All the Episodes. That’s quite a lot, I know. I enjoy it. Really. I love it when they say morphine, barbital, demerol, cardiothoracic, neuro, psych, neonatal, mesenteric teratoma, tumor, cancer, necrotic bacteria, flu, syphilis, and all other medical terms. Somehow, that made me want to become a doctor. A surgeon at that. 10-blade scalpel. Suction. Drill. Suture. Whip stitch. Aren’t they wonderful? That’s why I got hooked up reading the script. I hate you Grey’s Anatomy. That’s because you make me build castles in the air! I hate you because you make me feel so frustrated in life that I want to practice surgery on my own brain! Toinkz.

Breakups. Okay. The word says it all.

New Projects. Yeah. I’m busy. I love new assignments. They make me think that life isn’t that boring after all. So, keep ’em comin’.

Caffeine. I did not have coffee or coke, lately. Abstinence. A vow of celibacy (?). Kidding. The absence of caffeine makes me feel like got out of the wrong side of the bed. Bad-hair day. So, I wouldn’t be in the mood to blog. Somehow, I want to have my own vending machine. What do you think? A good idea!

Well, life is like a Rubik’s Cube. There are innumerable wrong twists and turns. But when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter which side you look at.

Now, I remain alive. And I’m back in the game. Isn’t that great? I don’t think so.


4 Responses to “Rubik’s Cube”

  1. beero said


    nickname™: 🙄

  2. Geisha said

    hmmmm not good enough for me.. joke! 😀

    nickname™: hehehe.. 😆

  3. nice blog, i randomly chose a new blog to read and voila! this rubik’s cube entry proved that “randomness sometimes yields the best results.” (ok, i must admit, i just solved my cube and entered “RUBIK’s” as one of my search tags.

    anwyay, since we’re at it, yeah: life’s a rubik’s cube. and i solved mine right now thru “layer by layer” approach. SO life’s a cube full of layers: begin at the bottom and make your way to the top one layer at a time. ; )

    patambay dito sa blog mo.

    nickname™: sure.. hehehe.. link kita ha.. heheheh..^^

  4. Lost said

    keep your cool nickname… we’re all here.. u know what i mean. ingat po!

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