Emoticon 101

March 12, 2008

Well, it seems that I have lots of time to kill. So, let me give you a lesson on emoticons (emotion icons) used here in WordPress.

The basic icons:

🙂 [:)]   😀 [:D]   😉 [;)]  

😦 [:(]   😕 [:-?]   😛 [:P]  

😐 [:|]   😡 [:-x]   😯 [8-O]  

😮 [:-o]

Advanced Icons:

😥 [:cry:]   👿 [:evil:]    😈 [:twisted:]   

🙄 [:roll:]   😳 [:oops:]   😡 [:mad:]  

❗ [:!:]   😎 [:cool:]   ❓ [:?:]

💡 [:idea:]   ➡ [:arrow:]   :mrgreen: [:mrgreen:]


😆 [:lol:]

So, can you add more to these? I hope you enjoy using these icons to express yourself. Have a wonderful emo-day! 😆


7 Responses to “Emoticon 101”

  1. Maria said

    hmm..informative 😉


    nickname™: you’re most welcome.. 🙂

  2. madre gras said

    salamat sa paglalagay ng mga iyan… meron kaya yung naiinlove?

    nickname™: hinanap ko na rin yan. from hugs to kisses. kaso, wala talaga eh. wala nga ring heart eh. hehehe..

  3. suwayan be..[:evil:]

  4. wla man lageh…ah…way klaro!!!! lolz!
    gituyo bitaw na..kay di ko kahibaw…wahaha

    nickname™: wahaha! mao! heheh… di ba nice.. 👿

  5. chalkdust said

    wow naman. ili-link kita ah.

    nickname™: sure naman.. walang problema.. link din kita ah! 😀

  6. littlemisspixie said

    thanks for posting this. 😉

    nickname™: no problem.. ^^

  7. Grace said

    salamat sa paglagay nito, 😎

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