All this is Blather.

March 9, 2008

Have you ever felt like being left out, and no matter how you do your best, you still end up beaten and bruised?

Have you ever felt so small, and no matter how you try to exist, you can’t be seen even through a microscope?

Life isn’t fair, indeed. You’ve done your best just so to keep up the pace, or to keep the competition heating up. Still, you end up being a loser. You belong to the minority. Minority, not because you belong to a group of few extraordinary people, but because you belong to nothing but an ordinary individual in a bunch of geniuses and hotshot individuals. You are a John or Jane Doe in a group of Einsteins, and Shakespeares, and Descartes, and Curies. You are an ant stepped on by elephants, and bulls, and hippos.

I, an individual. Ordinary individual. I am not trying to reach the peak of Mt. Everest, nor wanting to touch the moon’s dust. I just wanna be Me – someone who doesn’t have high hopes. Really.

I got an ordinary life. An ordinary (?) low paying job feeds me. I am just a run-of-the-mill kind of person. Nothing special. Nothing to boast. 100% Underpaid [according to my shirt]. (I’ll insert picture later.)

Oh, I got Home Made Peanut Brittle here. Want some?


2 Responses to “All this is Blather.”

  1. Maria said

    i bet your’re exceptional! 😉

    can i have some?

    nickname™: well, i think you’re the first to say that to me. wahaha! 😆 thanks, anyway.

  2. Lost said

    hehehe… nice one nickname. u never fail to make me smile reading your blog. CHAR! hehehe… hmmm, real life’s like that. we are doing our best to climb up the chain. surrounded by geniuses has two effects either you feel like you’re one of them or one of the outcast. hahaha. Pero, you know what i feel? We are gifted individuals. promil kid,hahaha. ARTISTs man ta nickname. we’ll have our turn soon. i hope very soon na para maka buy nata ug PSP Slim. hehehe..

    nickname™: wahaha! dili lang ta apil sa geniuses uy.. outcast lang ta kay kuan baya.. ahhmm.. eto ok.. ahehehe.. kuan baya [you know our similarity..$] wahehehe.. sagdi lang, one day soon, buy ta ug PSP slim.. ug dagahan nga gatas nga promil, S26 Gold, Bonakid, Nido, Bear brand, alaska, carnation, angel, at iba pa.. wahahah!

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