Is the game over?

March 6, 2008

I’m back in the game. I’m good. I’m sound. I’m out of the woods.

I just wish every day is like Saturday nights; when bottles of beer pile up; when endless talks linger in the atmosphere; when shadowy dark place light up with laughter; when butts numb while sitting in hard wooden benches; when pain dissolves in alcohol; when friends cheer you up; when memories fade, and all you care is the moment; when amnesia or Alzheimer’s prevails; when the world does not stop turning; when the world keeps turning that you’ll puke putrid stench of barbecue; when you don’t care less; when you feel torpid and paralysed.

I just love Saturday nights.

I just wish every day is like Sunday dawns; when DOTA keeps you up; when Tapsilog seems so yummy; when stomach feels empty; when excitement tries to paint a smile in your eyes though you look woebegone; when keyboard and mouse brush your fingers; when the monitor seems so close; when sight blurs; when you forget a little of everything; when riding a jeepney at four o’clock in the morning seem so nice; when the cold wind stroke your follicles; when the feeling of frigidity comes from the outside, not inside; when the wind knocks frigging pain for six.

I just love Sunday dawns.

And I’m back in game. I have stitches, but I’m fine. I have wounds and lacerations, but I can move one foot at a time. I’m good. I’m good. Really.

And I love the playing field.



5 Responses to “Is the game over?”

  1. beer-O said

    “I have stitches, but I’m fine. I have wounds and lacerations, but I can move one foot at a time.”

    hmmm…this is what you get in reading Grey’s Anatomy scripts. haha 😆

    i also love saturday nights. that’s when i’m done washing my dirty freakin’ clothes…

    nickname™: no beer-O.. it’s not what i get from reading.. it’s what you get when you sit between echel and me.. hehehe…
    so, pwede magpalabada sa imuha?? hehehe..

  2. beer-O said

    haha 😆 you’re very right to the maximum level! lols! it’s good to know that you are aware of what you’re doing to my vulnerable body…ahehe 😆 i think i’ll take my friend’s advice – wear a nail-covered shirt. let’s see who’ll scream and die of pain, then. nyahaha.

    nickname™: hahah! then, we’ll be using a hammer [not our hands].. tingnan ko lang kung di uubra sayo… aheheh.. ang head jud sa nails ang mutusok sa imung body.. wahahha!

  3. Geisha said

    syeeettt i’d love to try DOTA!
    iba kasi hilig ko eh.. NOTA!

    nickname™: ahak! ayaw anang NOTA ui.. ahehehe.. 👿 you should try DOTA.. im pretty sure you’ll be hooked.. I tried playing DOTA when I was in college.. can’t get enough of it even ‘tiL now.. hahaha!

  4. Geisha said

    i used to play my game since college pod. and i believe i’ll get hooked to it till i die..ahihihihihihi 😀

    i guess ma hooked ka talaga in everything you’ll do pag mula sa nguso 😆

    di naman kasi ako mahilig sa mga online or computer games…. pang isports ang beauty ko… bedminton lang! 😛

    nickname™: eheheh.. ako, adik ako sa online at iba pang computer games.. I used to play Silkroad Online.. gumastos talaga ako ng libu-libo.. wahaha! tinigilan ko talaga.. baka kasi mamumulubi ako.. hehehe…
    ma-try nga rin yang bedminton.. mukhang masaya..hmmm… wahaha! 😆

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