For a moment…

February 27, 2008

I will bid wordpress adieu. And for a moment, there will be farewell, and silence in this blogosphere. But my heart will always hold dear memories. Though it would not want to say goodbye, it has to. I will have to spend more time contemplating on things that need to be thought of; things that need to be put an end; things that need to be wrapped up.

Lately, I had been lying low, and some things did not turn out well. So, I’m gonna fix some things – may not be totally, but I’ll try. I know this will take time. So, for long, these thoughts shall stop wandering; these thoughts shall not be put into words; these thoughts shall vanish in thin air.

Though my heart would break, I have to bid you adieu. ‘Til next time dear folks!



5 Responses to “For a moment…”

  1. atot! asa man di ay ka dhong..mao pa ganiy pag-abut nimo sa WP ..hawa dayun ka..

    hemingway, ana jud…niagi sad ko ana…but i hope time will come that you will find yourself tapping the keyboard again for your blog..

    ayu ayu!

    nickname™: hehehe.. don’t worry.. someday.. hehhe.. see yah!

  2. jorge said

    ehem…im not sure he can’t do it or..he will really not!everyday he is facing the computer himself. so, there’s really an ounce of chance that he will write…{wish ko lng}

    hey,,, rexxie!!! i told u i will always check on your post while am away…hmmmm..whatever!! i’ll check on it from time to time….

    good luck then 🙂

    nickname™: ahhhmmm.. nag-atubang bitaw sa computer, but my mind is wandering somewhere.. i’m not in the mood to write.. i have a lot of things to do pa.. heheh..

  3. Geisha said

    peste ha!

    ga drama jud kag ayu huh!

    pag chure oi!

    asa man ka?

    nickname™: hahanapin ko muna sarili ko.. toinks.. hehehe… don’t worry, i’LL be back in a jiffy.. hehe..

  4. jorge said

    i explain gyud daun ni rexxie….bago pa mahuli ang lahat!!!jowk..

    nickname™: pag-chur uy!

  5. lilmiz said

    nge. wer u na? kung kelan ako nagbalik, alis ka namn. hmp! ahehe parang ano eh noh.. sige, tekker na lang and gudlak 🙂

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