Conversation with Happy Peanuts

January 31, 2008

There have been a lot of things that happened today. Five hours have been spent staring at the monitor doing nothing. Another few hours were allotted for meetings with the heads regarding with some sort of resignation or something. Few hours were spent sipping cups of coffee. Server was down. Power naps. Thinking. Daydreaming. It has been an exhausting day. It has been an ordinary day, for me.

Billy Gilman keeps on yelling on top of her lungs for “One Voice.” She’s cute, though. I like her way back years ago. Oh, where am I? Yeah. Sitting here on a monoblock chair really gives me pain in the ass. Oh, how I wish the good Lord will touch our big bosses’ hearts, and they will shower us with soft chairs that wobble and swivel and bend like seesaws. I love the company I’m working for, but I hate the chair. Really. I tell you. When you’re in the middle of stress from grammar, and you feel like you wanted to doze off, the monoblock chair adds the stress. You can’t relax. Your mind won’t be able to relax  since it has been focused on some sort of pain in your body that is glued to some kinda plastic stuff. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I don’t need to kiss asses to impress. Everyone can kick me out from complaining. I’m not alone, anyway. Ha-ha! My vocal chords just don’t have the guts to yell out and express the deepest of my sentiments. But, my fingers have. See? I was able to type without even thinking (I must have been paranoid.) These could have been side effects of too much pain in my spinal column. Oh, by the way, I don’t have fats to cushion myself. So, the hard surface directly hits my fragile skeletal system. Ugh! I don’t have a very high threshold of pain. He-he. What am I talking?

Yeah. I would gladly appreciate it if we would be given the chance to sit on those kingly thrones. I promise I won’t be sleeping the whole shift. Five hours, maybe. Nah, I’m just kidding. I assure you this will keep our minds sound and healthy by dreaming the wildest of dreams. He-he. Kidding, again.

Oh, I still have to finish a lot of things, by the way.



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