Aishite Imasu.

January 24, 2008



The day you asked me if I was willing to be with you is still fresh in my head. You asked me if you could keep me for real. I just said “yes.” I never really thought you would. I thought those were just the same old sweet words that would turn bitter in the end. I thought those words were just lies that would crush me into pieces. I did not care. I did not care until I realized I needed someone like you in my life. I did not care until I found out those were real. I did not care. Really.

Funny how I realize it’s been a month. Funny how the bond’s still there though we seldom see each other. Funny how you still keep me though we seldom talk and communicate. Funny how I still care for you though we are the only ones who know. Funny, indeed.

I still laugh thinking about the old days. I just laugh when I think of the times when we were not able to spend time together. I just chuckle when I think of the times when we pretended to be someone else, and told each other how we feel. Thinking of the inane things we’ve done – from jumping off the bridge together to giving free gate passes – have me in stitches. I just burst into a loud guffaw when I think of the days we had little arguments. I just giggle when you told me you love me, and you chose to love me. I just grin, then laugh, because you were so mysterious that I never really thought I have you right now.

And, I was thinking. What if I don’t have you, or you don’t have me? Life would never be the same, I figured. The sun would not shine the brightest, I guess. The sky would turn grey. Rainbows would be tinted with black and white. See? Life would be dull. Lacklustre. Lethargic. Inanimate.

So, please stay. Why? Because I don’t want to hurt myself again. Worst, if I do, there’s no one to blame. I’m just kidding. Hehe. 😆



13 Responses to “Aishite Imasu.”

  1. ecky said

    Hi there..

    Stumble to this blog from Google.. Actually we share the blog title “Pure Thought”… 🙂

    Nice to know you



    hello. wow! what a coincidence.. hehe.. nice to know you, too. Thanks for dropping by.. Unfortunately, I can’t access blogspot here in the office.. Maybe, one of these days i would be able to visit your site. 😀

  2. jorge said

    ehem! rex, i bet you really understand my situation……right???i want him to stay but our situation right now is never what i IMAGINED to be..i really can’t figure it out …anyways, im HAPPY of the kind of life WE have these days..

    it is NOT hurting me,

    it is making me LIVE,


    it is making me love him MORE!


    Then, it wouldn’t be easy for you to get over him. Well, you can actually learn from experience. From there, you’ll become a better person.. weee… and it’s happily ever after…


    geez, i hate it when i sound like a counselor.. hahaha! 👿

  3. Lost said

    i love this rex…

    i stumbled to this, once.

    Sectret lOvers, yes, that’s what we are.. (me singing,hehehe.)

    Love, love, love…

    i wonder who the person is. hehehe..


    The person?? Nah! invisible.. ahaha! see? I keep on telling everyone that this is fictional.. 😆

    I have a very wild imagination.. toinks.. 👿

  4. hehehe.. the pic is just so controversial.. wahahah! 😆

  5. yuie said

    fictional, my foot!
    hmmm, are you referring to what’s-his-face or the one that i thought you deserve to have?
    i smell pepperoni, mushroom and cheese….whahahaha

    im referring to what’s-his-face… the one you thought I deserve to have has someone else.. ahahah! 😆
    no pizza… we are never us! toinkss.. what kind of English I has? ahahah! 😆

  6. yuie said

    huh! ur imaginary boyfriend.. watever
    la pa bya na nimu gpailaila so we won’t recognize him..ehehhe
    and u still owe me that pizza!..ehehe

    hahahah! whatever! imaginary gani.. pure thoughts baya ni.. 😆
    no pizza for you.. waaahh!
    you forced us! waahh! you’re bad.. 👿

  7. yuie said

    no.. i begged..
    i dont’ just force people around…ahaha
    and you promised!
    ur sooo bad!

    did I? I just said, “Lageh” kay nitando man cya.. wahahah! 😆
    I don’t know.. waahh! you just don’t know how complicated the situation will be if magkakami..
    I mean, you know… But, if you’re in our shoes, it’s really hard…
    I’ve been there before, and I don’t want to experience it again.. I’ve had enough… char… 👿

  8. yuie said

    what’s one month.. it won’t hurt you..
    4 once u know, stop caring about what others wud think..
    i mean, it wud be fun..
    he likes it so much jud.. if he didn’t di ko mamugos..
    and did i say na mu talk lang ta ani only when im not sober…eheheh

    waaahh! okay! i’LL shut my freaking gob now.. 😐
    it won’t be fun.. i know it… ahahah! 👿
    ganahan diay xa??? dili man xa ganahan.. ahaha! 😆

  9. yuie said

    omg.. don’t tell me… omg..
    the one ur together with now is somebody that i think wud be together with u now????
    omg.. ew ew ew..

    ha? noooo… im not with somebody right now… i swear…
    i’d rather not be with someone.. hehe 😆

  10. yuie said

    wew.. i’ll take ur word for it..
    for a moment, i thot i was gonna have a heart attack..eheheh

    yaw pag-ana uy.. di to mopatul nako.. wahaha!
    bad echel.. bad! 👿

  11. jorge said

    hmmm… kinsa gyud na xa bah!!! ai rex, ikaw ha naa na diay ka ehemmm,,,,,why don’t you introduce that person na!!!!! but as long as you are happy goooooo for it gyud daun!! peace!

    wala uy! tuo ka ana nila.. wahehe.. waaahh! wala lageh! nada! toinks… happy man jud ko always, Ann.. wahhaha! 😆

  12. jorge said

    happy mo lng!! ana gyud…basta, i believe gyud karon na in whatever way na HAPPY ta…GO gyud daun bahala na ang tsika sa oder pipol. uuuu

    hehehe.. cge go gud… so, go jud dayon ka ni Lex ha kay you’LL be happy with him baya.. wahahah! 😆

  13. jorge said

    hahaha..y man gyud c lex??? yataps ka ana bah if kabasa na…


    hahaha! ganahan na xa f makabasa xa.. wahahah! uuyyyyy! yay! 😆
    here comes the bride.. 3 months inside.. toinkz.. hahaha! 😀

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