Love, overrated.

January 18, 2008

I don’t wanna lie no more. I don’t wanna fool myself over and over again. So, I want you to know that this is real. Those times when I looked into your eyes without a doubt, I know I need you more than anything else that matters. Those times when we held hands, I know you’ll never let go. Those times when we laughed at silly thoughts, I know I could never be happier. Those times when we spent time together, I know I could never spend such wonderful moment again. Those times when we kept in touch and told how much we missed each other, I know I could never have someone like you again. Those times when we spoke sweet words of loving, I know I could never hear such beautiful words again. Those times when you said you love me, I know I could never ever love someone like you again.

That’s why missing you is an agony, but strengthens my heart to love you even more. A day feels like years, and I long to see those beautiful smile in your eyes. The night seems so long and endless without a word from you. The room seems so empty and stale. The wind seems so cold and painful. It’s as if the only cure is you. Indeed, you. I long to feel those loving embraces. I long to hear your dulcet voice. It seems like melody in the air my heart keeps on memorizing each line you uttered.

“I wanna believe it’s love this time. I wanna believe my heart is not telling me lies; because with you, I can’t deny. If I believe in paradise, I’d swear I’ll be there.”

Those words. Your words. So, now, I told you I love you. I know that’s real. I know deep in my heart. It’s the love no man could fathom. It’s the love no word could ever describe. I want you to know that I’m always here. That, I want to kiss away old hurts. That, I want you to be happier than you’ve ever been before. And, I want you to know that I’m staying. I’ll stand by your side. I’ll hold on to my promises no matter what. I’ll be there for you through it all. That’s why I’m keeping you though this might bruise me. Call it martyrdom. I’ll call it love.



3 Responses to “Love, overrated.”

  1. yuie said

    hmmm… mushy…
    ur already contaminated with this stupid love..
    you should not be allowed in public…ehehehe


    hahahah! that’s what boredome can do…
    my mind is wandering somewhere… waaahh!
    please don’t ban me in public… i beg you.. i swear this isn’t me…

  2. _disTinct_ said way of easing up your boredom, eh.
    ..whomever is that composition for, i hope that person would be able to read it. ayt.

  3. @_distinct_

    hahah! yeah! nakabasa na xa ana sa friendster.. ask gani xa if in love ba daw ko.. hahah! ingon rako na “no.” ahahaha! 😆

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