Fabricated Lie

January 14, 2008


Lying is a piece of cake. Take it from an expert.

 I have lied like a million times. I can always fake a smile, or pretend that I’m mad or sad.  I can make stories so touching that everyone cried. I can come up with good alibis no one would believe it’s not true. I can bluff my way out of a certain situation by reasoning dramatically. I can embellish how a man killed by cutting someone’s heart out, or tearing his throat that the blood flooded the wheat fields, and poof, it became Coco Crunch! I can come up with a tale no one has ever heard of.

 All my life I have lived lying – to myself and to everyone around me. But, I have never pretended to be someone else. I am what I am. I am who I am. Liar. “You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest,” according to Jack Sparrow. I am the boy who cried wolf. I have lived in this world with a lying coin – all heads, or all tails; but not head and tail. A flip, and a statement will change. So, no one would ever believe in every story that I tell. Like epics and fairy tales, my stories can die in oblivion. Like a whisper, my lines could vanish after hitting the eardrums. Like the boy who cried wolf, I can be nobody but a lie.

And, if ever I feel like changing, no one would ever know. If ever I feel like telling the truth, no one would notice or believe. So, what’s the point of changing or telling the truth? I have started to lie, and will lie for the rest of my life. Who would believe me, anyway? Who would believe that I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth? No one.

You might even think that these are all lies. Well, a fabricated lie could become the truth. As logic proposes, the negation of a negative statement makes the statement positive. So, believe me, I’m real.

I could also tell the truth. So, if I tell you I love you, it’s certainly no lie; for I could never lie to my heart. No one. Just look at me behind every smile, and beyond every line. You would know me. I’m no lie.


6 Responses to “Fabricated Lie”

  1. jorge said

    rex: lie isn’t a lie if you’d believe it isn’t but it would be… if you’ll only think that it is…:)

  2. @jorge

    You’re right, Ann. A lie isn’t a lie unless you say it is. But, if you always believe in a lie, you’ll end up fooling yourself. You’d be damned if you believe in every fake “i love you” and all. You’d end up being stupid without knowing the truth. You’d end up isolated and hurt.. Truth sets you free.. Hayyyzzz.. You can’t help people not to lie. It’s innate. It’s just hard distinguishing lie from truth. A lie can be mistaken for truth. Likewise, truth can be mistaken for lie. hehehe…

    char! 😀

  3. yuie said

    hahaha.. maybe your lying to urself and to the others too often that even you are starting to believe in it..
    i know there are some things that are better left unsaid but in the end you can never really say that you had a life knowing all of it is just a lie..
    whaa… was that just me talking?
    hell.. erase erase…hahaha
    i sound like a sappy supporting actress in a cheesy movie…hahaha

  4. @yuie

    ahaha! You’re right, I can never say I had a life when all of it was just a lie.. but, some things are better left unsaid.. well, i’ve been too good at lying, lately. Seems it really works.. ehehe.. sekreto para bibo.. ahaha! if it’s for the good, why not? Necessity calls for it, as of the moment.. well, you can’t hide forever. Time will come… weeee! The question is, when? ahehe.. ugma guru! 😀

  5. yuie said

    pizza! hahaha

  6. @yuie

    noooo! i’m not admitting it. you don’t have enough evidence.. ahahah! 😀

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