January 10, 2008

Do you want us to be together again? I don’t think I could still cling into that pungent side of yours. You smell like puke on top of your perfume. I loathed the way you held my hand and broke my fingers. I couldn’t take the way you hugged me and took my breath. I hated the way you touched my skin and bruised it all. I despised the way you said “I love you” with all your lies. I abhorred the way you thought who you were and faked it all.

Now, you’re on your knees telling me to love you again? After my heart bled and lost its strength; after I cried a thousand tears; after I tried to be sane yet found myself to be fooler; after I screamed on the top of my lungs; after I was down on my knees just the same way you are now; after you left me with nothing but pain, do you think I could still offer you my heart? Do you think I could still spare these pieces with you? Nah!

Yes, I loved you – LOVED. I was more than insane to believe those sweet words. Words from the tongue of a traitor. I was more than insane to feel the happiness in your presence yet pain is giving such entrapment I couldn’t escape. I don’t want to go back to the same walls I lived in with you – full of agony and resentment. Live your life with the cobwebs of your identity.

Thanks, but I’m wiser and stronger now.


3 Responses to “Were”

  1. jorge said

    ehemmmm.. i always observe that in terms of “love”, you are really one so emotional guy who expresses what’s inside you more than what a soul would imagine..is it really “Real” ????

    experience wise: it is undeniably difficult to “TRUST” these kind of people again 😦

    [drama lagi to..hmmmm..pero tinuod gyud xa]

  2. @jorge: it’s actually real. But, not my experience. Haha! It’s my friend’s. Exaggerated Lang masyado nako.. nadala sa emotion.. drama kaau sah?

    I never thought I could put those in words. But really, Love is one hell of a thing that brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Love is a paradox itself.

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