Three Words

January 10, 2008

In three words, I could sum up everything I learned,

about life:


about people:


about love:



28 Responses to “Three Words”

  1. jorge said

    Rex, “Love never lasts!”…..GYUD!!!!!


    Indeed it will never last but we could make it last! right???

  2. I don’t know Ann. What I know is, the only love that lasts is the unconditional love, and it never exists here on Earth.

    Wahaha! Drama kaayo! Weeee! 😀

  3. mmm… the philosophical importance of impermanence. How buddhist of you!

  4. jorge said

    rex, you’re too mean…:(

  5. lex22 said

    Yeah. Life goes on and people change fast. BUT, i don’t think love never lasts. well, it’s just an opinion of a crazy man. don’t take it seriously. You just said that life goes on. Thus, what’s the point in loving a person if he/she doesn’t love you in return? From here, all you have to do is forget everything because life goes on because people change fast.ahehe.

  6. @jorge

    am i mean? well, that’s just how i view it. i think im just being realistic. we are living in a world where there is no “happily ever after.”


    aahhh! really?? yeah! why do you have to love someone who doesn’t love you in return? unrequitted love? pathetic, it may seem, but true. A lot of people love without being loved in return. They ended up lonely and waiting in vain. so, if you love someone, make sure she’s worthy of your love and sacrifices. waheheh… char!

  7. lex22 said

    Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return is like martyrdom. you’ll just make your life miserable. some people even commit suicide. yeah, it’s true. when i went home last december, i heard that my friend’s brother committed suicide. the reason, i dunno that’s really love.

    he got the girl pregnant and the her father was threatening him (as in, kill him). he didn’t see the girl for a long time and was afraid to see her. later on, he was found hanging in his room. it’s actually a sad love story. i was just hanging out with him last year over bottles of beer. though i don’t know him that much, i pity him. it couldn’t have been worst as that. i don’t blame him either. maybe he loves the girl so much that a single day without her is like death for him.

  8. nah! he’s blinded. he’s stupid. he committed suicide because he’s a coward. he killed himself because he can’t fight for her? he could have died fighting for his love. The same thing happens, he dies. At least, he could have shown that he could fight for her. tsk.

  9. lex22 said

    Yeah. We can say whatever we want to describe his act. I myself agree that there are many reasons to fight for his love. Committing suicide is definitely not the best option. That could mean he gave up his love. It’s just sad that he didn’t consider good options. He only wanted to get rid of the pain that he’s feeling and he didn’t think that it would be more painful for the ones he left behind.

  10. lex22 said

    ERRATUM: Many options, I mean….hehe…”There are many options to fight for his love.”

  11. Yeah. And he chose the wrong path. He could have killed the father, instead. Haha! Am i that cruel? LOL.

  12. yuie said

    love is overrated..hahahah
    but there are just these people who are incredibly stupid when it comes to the matters of the aortic pump..
    trying to make it last even though it’s not worth it anymore..
    why couldn’t just get a clue..
    hays.. i say.. better the dumper than the dumpee..hahaha

  13. lex22 said

    Hahaha. That could have been his best option. It’s better to kill than to be killed, right?hehe.

  14. @yuie

    yeah! korek! so, if you have a clue that the relationship is not worth having, ditch the lover. Baka maunahan ka pa.. wahahah!

  15. @Lex

    yeah.. sayang! patayon nalang nya sa sindak ang father.. para fair… wahehe!

  16. lex22 said

    Right. It could have worked. Baka may sakit sa puso ‘yong father. Eh di tepok agad ‘yon pag masindak.hehe

  17. @lex

    uu nga… pang sineserye na unta ang story… baka magka-rating… wahaha!

  18. yuie said

    with great love comes with great stupidity.. tsk tsk…
    always, as in ALWAYS protect thyself..
    lex.. you friend’s bro is a coward..
    he messed up and instead of choosing to clean up his mess, he took a shortcut..
    that is the worst kind of guy.. invertebrate.. alang backbone..
    the girl’s father is threatening him probably becoz he does not want to take responsibility for what he did..
    shame.. too bad he’s already dead.. he deserve a punch or two..

  19. lex22 said

    Yeah. Magri-rate talaga ‘yon lalo na kung mamigay sila ng P500 at grocery.haha.

  20. lex22 said

    LOL. you made me laugh with your comment. It reminds of a famous line in SPIDERMAN.haha. I think he really is a coward. No offense to his soul. I think he wanted to take his responsibility but the father was a total villain. You know, one who doesn’t forgive at once. He was one of a hot-blooded creature.

    I’m wondering if he had friends. How come it ended up that way? I believe that a sound advice would have made a big difference. His friends could have adviced him what to do and how to deal with the situation. But then, it led to a tragic event. Maybe his friends are all “jologs.”

  21. Lost said

    @ yuie: “with great love comes with great stupidity”
    hehehe, right. been there, done that. now, i’m happy. life goes
    on for me. dwelling with that memory now makes me
    vomit. Yes, i learned my lesson. it’s better to be the dumper than
    the dumpee… that’s the reason why most of my rel lasted more
    or less 3 months. Once the dumpee, now the dumper, hehehe.

    @nickname: nicely done, dude…
    “Sakit magpakamatay woi.” i can’t do what RUTH did.

  22. @Lost

    Sakit diay?? Ma-try nga! wahaha! unsa kaya ang feeling sa mamatay??? hhmmmm,,, im curious,,, wahehehe… para maka-ana sad ko “been there, done that.. i went to hell and back..” wahah!

  23. Lost said

    @ nickname: i though u’ve been there. what about the flashback thingy…hhhmmm… just like ur new entry huh?liar!! dyok lang!
    why don’t you do ur dream death nalang katong dying painlessly and beautifuly bah.waaahehehe..

  24. @Lost

    Tinuod to ang flashback thingy… La man ko nadayunan ato.. mao, di pako ka-say nga mao na to sya… ahehehe… Pero, I think death is scary.. hhmm…that’s why I want the painless death.. wahaha! I thought I was ready, but dili pa diay.. unya na! wala pa ko ka-tour sa world.. hehehe…

  25. jorge said

    hephep hep!!!!
    why so serious talking about that damn word huh…jowk!

    @richel: i agree with that! [great love comes with great stupidity!] oh! i haven’t seen you there. hmmmmm…..maybe you’ve stepped in there five steps ahead of me..hehehehhehe.anyways, im glad you’re now OK. wish i WOULD BE too….

    ps: they say “time heals all wounds” but then again i absolutely don’t agree with that…… coz even when I hear a name the same as his stupid name, everything CHANGES!!! the whole world seems surrounded by mournful souls.. i don;t know…. and it feels like i’ve been to HADES!!! huh

  26. @Ann

    Char! it’s just a matter of acceptance that some things really won’t work for the both of you. Some things are just not meant to last. Hehehe.. Pain is always a part of moving on..


  27. Lost said

    @ Ann
    i must agree with nickname “CHAR!” az in”CHAR.COM”

    hehehe… peace!

  28. Doodee said

    Thanks for sharing

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