Payday is Pay-your-Debts Day.

January 9, 2008

Did I just hear that? Really. Is today Payday? Yes. My heart jumped for joy at that very moment my eardrums detected those melodious words.  “Today is payday,” said our Team Leader. Isn’t that amazing when it is supposed to be tomorrow? Well, not entirely. It’s quite ironic, huh.

Though I only have fifty bucks in my pocket, I don’t have any intentions in changing my budget. The budget will start tomorrow. So, I have to stop myself from going to an ATM. Errr, I hate spending. I don’t want to withdraw! Gawd, stop me!

Payday reminds me of debts, a ton of them. I was happy because I would be able to pay some, only some, of them. What’s wrong is that I spend more than what I earn. I suck at budgeting. Can somebody kick my butt whenever I spend too much? Well, I hope some gremlins of sort will accompany me everywhere just to monitor my spending pattern. And as punishment, they will cut my fingers one by one. Voila!

I must have been thinking of a lot things. Or I must be hungry. Wanna have some burger, later? Nah! Else, I’d end up typing using my tongue, or eyelashes maybe. Well, I’ve got to finsih some things. Ciao!


3 Responses to “Payday is Pay-your-Debts Day.”

  1. nash said

    Hahaha…I couldn’t agree more. Pay Day is indeed Pay-Your-Debts Day 🙂

  2. jorge said

    really guys…payday is absolutely a “pay-your debts day”. hahahahahaha.

    anyways, la na gyud mo utang ron???

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