I’m at work.

January 9, 2008

The monoblock chair keeps on pressing my back that my spinal column sores like hell. My mind is relatively empty. I have the tendency of becoming a blank slate now. My eyes feel weary and sleepy that I want to knock my head off the monitor, or place toothpicks between my eyelids. My feet have this tingly feeling.

Why can’t I get my system work and cooperate?

 I have been staring at the same page for 48 years now, yet nothing’s progressed. My mind still wanders to neverwhere. It’s lost and I’m running out of ideas. Dear God, wherever my brain is right now, please lead it back to my skull. Else, I’ll be demanding for Einstein’s.

Then, a sip of coffee, and I’m back.


6 Responses to “I’m at work.”

  1. Lost said

    If God does give you Einstine’s head please ask him to give me Shakespear’s, pwede? ;D

  2. nickname said

    cge, I will tell papa Jesus. He he. 😀

    That is if it’s possible. HAhahaha!

  3. jorge said

    guys,,kinsa nlng kaha na brain ako kinahanglan no????anyways, if only i could also change my mind into somebody’s…i will! but…it is really hell impossible!!!!

  4. nickname said

    kang Lex nalang anne.. weeeee! i smell a fish.. ahahaha!

  5. jorge said

    hmmmm.. pwede imo lng!!! hahahahha

  6. hahah! ni-deteriorate na ako utok uy.. wa nay gamit.. ipatimbang na gani ni nako.. wahaha! 😀

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