The Rendezvous

December 31, 2007


The lighthouse shed its light;
His face shone like an angel,
Filled with mystery and bliss;
Beautiful and cunning.

The waves kissed the shore;
His toes touched them,
with might and lavishing delight;
Cold and tranquil.

Then came one,
Looking off across the sallow sands;
And the stars comfort the heaven’s heart;
Intense and dazzling.

They held hands;
Laughter and silence of the hearts,
Filled the breeze,
Mellifluous and sweet.

They were in love;
Meeting at the shore like waves and sands;
Though night separated the sun and sky,
Never their lips nor hands.



2 Responses to “The Rendezvous”

  1. Lost said

    so nice…so… hmm.. kinsa kaha ni?

    “Though night separated the sun and sky, NEVER their lips nor hands.”

    aahh…in love…hehehe

  2. nickname said

    ahahha! in love gud tawn.. ahehe… diLi uy.. wahehehe… kinsa?? diLi man cguro na ako.. wahahaha! imagination ra man kuno na cya.. wahehe.. pure thoughts… 😀

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