Rain, Rain, Go Away!

October 24, 2007

I must have been paranoid, thinking of what to write. Honestly, I don’t have anything in mind except the thought of me, having a soak in the rain yesterday. The weather was not fine enough for working out of doors. It was raining cats and dogs.

I really hate rain. Besides the fact that it makes me shiver, it turns my white shirt to brown. It makes people stupid as well. Imagine, a guy who was about to get off the jeepney opened his umbrella just before he barreled through the door. The result, he wasn’t able to get out. A stupid woman followed the man and did the same thing. Wasn’t it ridiculous? (A man who stumbles at the same stone twice is a fool. She’s a woman, anyway.)She must have seen the man who was stuck in the door, trying to block his way with his own umbrella. No excuses! Then, another woman realized that she should not open her umbrella before she gets out, so she didn’t do it. Unconsciously, she got off the vehicle and forgot to open her umbrella anymore. She ended up getting soaked in the rain. How stupid can they get? “Geez, those are stupid reactions. I was dumbstruck,” I told myself, laughing under my teeth.

Another stupid thing a man did was bang his coin to stop the jeepney within the junction box. Unknowingly, the stupid driver, after hearing the clang, stopped the jeepney making all other cars blew their horns horridly making my eardrums split. That’s why I hate rain! Does the rain make people not use their mind and react so idiotically? Does it really have to do with rain or people are just stupid in their own ways?

When we arrived at the stop, everyone was running to the tips of their toes, including myself. I ran like a ninja, floating on the mud-covered streets. It took me like ten quick seconds to reach SM’s hallway. My hair was wet and I saw polka dots on my shirt caused by raindrops. I hate the time when the people looked at me in bewilderment. It as if they saw “basang sisiw” in the desert. So, I wiped every droplet on my skin and made myself dry. But, I couldn’t escape the people’s conclusions because of the spots on my shirt were perceptible. They were strong pieces of evidence that I was drenched in rain. To hell with them, I flaunted it. I made it to the point that it looked like designs on my shirt. I didn’t mind their suspecting eyes, though I wanted to poke them with Jollibee fork I was holding that time. I stayed for long and the air conditioner dried up my shirt, eradicating the flecks. Gawd, I hate you rain!

And oh, by the way, rain makes the population of Philippines go up. So, you should also hate rain like I do, unless you want to see bunch of kids hanging on a jeepney, singing Jingle Bells in mid-October. 😀


One Response to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

  1. lex22 said

    Elow…i don’t have somtehing to do so i read some of your previous posts. then, i ended up reading this.

    hate rain? so do I. i’d rather be under the scorching sun than be drowned under heavy rain. CHARZ. i also shared same experience in one of my posts. that was totally awful.

    that time i realized that bringing a raincoat or umbrella-ella-eh-eh is a must. would it be right to blame the rising population on the rain?haha. it could be, perhaps. couples would really do something HOT when it’s COLD. i know that the best thing to do when he rain pours is to curl on your bed and our own thing. ooooppppsssss…did i say right?

    haha. it’s too early to sing christmas carols in mid-October. but that’s true. there were some tots who stood outside our door and sang “Kasadya ning takna-a” in October. I was somehow shocked. Helloooo, October pa lang kaya. In my hometown, children start carolling on December 16.

    i’ve gone too long…so that’s it! the director says CUT!

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