Besotted with Black

October 3, 2007

I love black

Its brilliance when it shines through the night

Like raven with her feathers and its dark harsh call

Its ominous silence is unfriendly

I love black

With furious eyes glaring like woe

Like a grim and foreboding picture, it utters

When it succumbs to resentful silence

I love black

Its hostile voice that screams like a crow

Like death coaxing demise

Its whisper is a sullen tranquility

I love black

With sorrow in its eye, so overwhelming

Like mine, filching agony from dusk

Its gleaming color of resentment…


3 Responses to “Besotted with Black”

  1. nevergirl said

    I like black, too, but for pettier reasons. It makes me look thin. When you’re as big as I am, the only way you can barrel through the door without looking like you’re about to get stuck in it is to wear black.

    Oh, and black confers instant glamor on the wearer. Did I say I’m a silly, silly girl? Like you, I will always have a love affair with black.

  2. ab3rrant said

    cool i like black too cuz i look good hahaha and it adds confidence. mao lang.

    ♂: korek! hehe! wait, kinsa man jud ka? wahah!

  3. ab3rrant said

    ako imo conscience hehehe

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